Monday, 14 September 2009

EXPLORE # 311 - Flowers Gardening Show.

Hi, to all.

Thanks everyone for your comments. Nice to see you have been reading me.

After one frustrating weekend on this lap top, I decided today Monday that I must really do some work around this house. So a massive clean and tidy up was undertaken. Don't you just feel good when it's all done. Looks so much better. Then you can enjoy everything else!

Afterwards a trip to Hobby Craft our local craft store two miles away. I picked up a new crocheting hook 4.50 because I can't find my other, some fluffy edging stuff (don't know the name) and a small oasis holder. Now I can't tell you what it's all for just yet. But something is waiting to be 'spruced' up. I've been working with wire lately, that's a clue. Not another Bird Cage though! I shall post some 'before' and 'after' photos when I get round to doing it. Ripple awaits first of all.

Just want to share the photograph at the top of the page with you. This was from my visit to the Gardening Show set at the National Exhibition Centre. Those Alliums were absolutely beautiful, so big aren't they? Mom has them in her garden, one of her favourite flowers. I couldn't resist taking a photograph of them for her. Of course hers are not that big! Gorgeous aren't they?

Short post today, hope you are having a nice day.


  1. Now, you are getting the hang of it. Keeping us all in suspense to come back. And throwing in a great picture of the Allium to boot.

    Still can't figure out what went wrong for shabby for you... Where did you pick out the pink/purple. Some how these columns by be what's going one here.

    Back to work...

  2. Magnificent Alliums! Good you're regularly blogging. :-) My blog's stagnating. :-(


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