Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Creative Breathing Blog by Elizabeth.

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This is the blog by Elizabeth - Creative Breathing. You may ask why I have taken a photo. Some months ago in her posts she showed photographs of her Rolodex. In this she uses family photos and decorates with all sorts of bits and pieces, ribbons, buttons, text etc., I enquired about them asking who the supplier was etc., She told me it was a company called 7-Gypsies. I sourced one in the West Midlands and went off to buy one.

After we had chatted in emails about the Bird Cage, I had mentioned that I was disappointed with the Photo Carousel. I didn't seem to have the right knack with it.

Well, last night I went to bed checking my messages off my friend and emails on my iphone and I noticed Elizabeth had sent me an email saying that she had gone out and bought a Photo Carousel and that she was going to give me advice on her blog on how to assemble the cards as they are slightly fiddly.

I ran down the stairs all excited interrupted my husband from watching the British Touring Car races on TV and showed him her blog. How kind of her? I had become quite disheartened with mine and I have to admit I had hidden it away.

So now with her help, I am going to try again. I do hope everyone will check her blog out. She writes some really lovely posts, has a knack with her stories and her crafts are out of this world.

Thank you Elizabeth, I just hope now I can do a better job. Watch this space!


  1. Very cute. I just love Creative Breathing site.

    OK, I need to stop this and get ready.

    Quick lesson for the day from your friend The Garden Bell - Kate

    Highlight - Right click - Copy the URL line (webpage), which places it on your clipboard...

    Next start your blog. Where you want to reference the other bloggers page. Click on the LINK... Type in how you want it to appear on your blog and then PASTE the URL link right into the blog. This might save you from having to photo your screen and the Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuckiiieeeeeeee long uploads.

    Hope this works for you.

  2. A new blogger! Yeah Mrs. Twins! Welcome to this wonderful community. I have been reading through your posts. A closeup of the cupcakes please! You have the gift of yarn, and I am a lover of all things wooly! My husband travels to England quite frequently. I am always so delighted with the photographs he takes of the beautiful yards and flowers. I am also always surprised to see things I consider "American" such as a fenced in back yard and a patio such as yours. I look forward to future posts and glimpses of the "Brittish" life! Elizabeth

  3. Nice to meet you here Creative Breathing! I will post some pretty places for you.Thank you.

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