Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Quiet Tuesday.

Hi Everyone!

Well not much to post today. Got up early and had to go and get Little Miss. Twin checked out at the hospital. She banged the side of her face and eye yesterday while shutting the boot on her car. It came pretty sharp and she caught the corner of her eye. But she's okay just a bit uncomfortable, it is quite badly bruised.

Then we went to the Crem, it was a year today that Mr. Twins mother passed away so I cut some of my Geraniums and we went and lay them at the Crem. Afterwards we went back to the Crooked House, I was gasping for a cup of tea. Boy was that tea vile? Just like 'dish water' I have to say. So weak, cold and just horrible. Couldn't wait to get back to make us a decent one.

It brought back memories of last year it was a sad day when Mother in law passed away. We had the job of sorting things out afterwards. Years ago people lined their chest of drawers with newspapers and while I was getting them out I noticed the date on the top of the newspaper Monday 29th September 1952. A cold shiver went down my back, because that was the date she died. Monday 29th September but the year 2008. How stange was that?


So we've had a pretty reflective day today we sat and spoke kindly of her. A wonderful woman who we loved dearly.

On the way over I sat in the car and did some of my TV Rippling, although there wasn't a TV in the car!! It's coming on as you can see.



I think with this one I am going to try and put an edging on. See what it turns out like anyway. If I don't like it, I can unpick it. Let's just hope after this hard work Little Miss. Twin likes it.

Oh well! I'm off to sit and watch the rubbish on TV with my Husband.

Goodnight all!

P.S. I forgot to say I have got some inside photos of the Crooked House. But they are on my Husbands phone. My iphone went dead on me battery went flat, also my spare phone stopped working. So I'll probably have to wait until the weekend before he has time to load them up on the PC. Nitey nite!


  1. Wow. What a day you have had. I didn't realize your Miss was in the hospital. Soooooooooo sorry to hear about this. I'm assuming the boot is our "trunk".

    Then the news about your Mother-in-Law. I just got the chill and goose bumps all the way over here... Keep that paper. Very nice memory to cherish.

    Have to head out for now. I have falled to mention that we having all new windows put in on the west side of the house....which is leading to the master being remodeled. So, I'm in the middle of making all my picks. Overwhelmed is the understatement. But, I'm getting a new office window which I'm thrill about. So, off the The Container Store to look at closet stuff. Little panic-ed about getting everything out of there after being in there since we move in over here in 2000.

    Have a good nights rest and hope tomorrow will be better for you. Know you are in my thoughts.



  2. Kate. Thanks for your good wishes. We just visited A & E not admitted! Thank you anyway. 'Thankfully!'. Best to get it checked out.

  3. So glad little Miss was not badly hurt. Sounds like she has quite a shiner!!


  4. ooohh! i'm so sorry to hear what happened to your daughter. glad she's okay now.

    you work fast on your ripple huh. i know you're enjoying it.

    g'nyt too! :~)


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