Sunday, 13 September 2009

Our Sunday Stroll - Hatton Locks.

Good Morning!
We had some free time this morning so after going into town for some much needed wool, my Husband and myself decided to go for a walk. What I like most of all is walking along the canals. So for a change today we decided to drive out to Hatton Locks nr. Warwick.
Hatton Locks were originally built to link the industrial Midlands with London. The canal from Warwick to Birmingham features a steep series of 21 locks at Hatton, carrying it out of the Avon Valley. This is fondly known as the stairway to heaven by the boating community.
It's nice to walk around the Nature Trail around the locks, and there are markers to help you spot the variety of wildlife to be found in the area. There are three circular walks around the locks which take in towpaths, public footpaths through fields and some roads. There are even English public houses along the route of the canal which come in very handy. The cafe at Hatton Locks was once the stables for the horses which pulled the barges.
Yesterday, I didn't post. I was 'shattered'. Do you know I spent the day trying to sort my background out for this blog. I haven't a clue to be honest with you. I did have a massive panic last night because I had downloaded a background from the site Garden Bell recommended. I downloaded it okay and then when I went to view my page my text was too big to fit in the background. How on earth do you get round this? I thought, but with a bit of figuring out I managed to delete it. I still have to suss that out!
I was physically exhausted last night. My eyes ached either through Crocheting or Lap top work. My Husband says I'm doing too much. I want to achieve something. Then even writing this blog I can't seem to get the photos where I want them. The picture of the cafe should have come just after me writing about the cafe. But no it decided to go up the top. So you might have guessed I'm not as clever as many of you, I would welcome your comments.
I don't know what I'm going to write in this blog. I say it over and over again. I think I have just got to say what I would put in a Flickr mail. Perhaps I can get round it that way. Until I get use to it anyway. It may take time, lots of it. Then I had the panic over my wool. Ran out! Gosh how dreadful! I'm telling the world about my ripple and then I haven't got enough to finish it. So off I went this morning to try and get some. FORTUNATELY, I managed. So the rippling will commence later on.
I'm still loving my Flickr. What fun I am having? I'm adding lots of contacts and I mean lots of contacts, isn't it just fun when you have so many lovely things to look out. A favourite I saw yesterday was one contact who had covered a small 'pouf' cushion with a pattern of ripples and then crocheted the top to match. It was stunning. I'm sure if you click on to my favourites you will see it. Oh, there was another one, someone had crocheted a bolster for her double bed in crochet too. The ideas just go on and on.
Funny words - I keep calling my wool, 'wool'. I know you ladies abroad call your 'wool' 'yarn!'. I hope you don't get confused by me. I'm coming across a few unusual words to us here in the UK. 'HOOT!', was one. 'Thrift' stores I know are our 'Charity Shops' I think. 'Home dyed yarn' I had never heard of that before. Have you BrendaS2?' There are plenty! I'm on the look out for more. It's so great to have fun in Flickrland.
Any Flickr fans out there willing to give me some advice on this blog? All help would be greatly appreciated.
Bye for now!! Happy Sunday.
P.S. The spacing has gone mental, and I don't know how to set this time properly. See I'm still trying to get my head round this. Sorry.


  1. Oh, Sue! You're doing fine! We've been told, there is no right nor wrong in blogging. Just be yourself and don't give in to pressure. Lisa Lam said that her blog sort of became an old friend for her. I know our blog will also be our friend. And we'll figure out these techie thingies. Let's just give it time.
    : )

  2. You are doing just fine. Hang in there. I can see you are feeling the same as I did in the beginning. The temptation to just go back to Flickr is still there, but I'm going to keep going for a while longer and not give up.

    I'll keep it short. In fact, this is the only blog I'm going to read. We are both exhausted. The weekend was spent striping and restaining the entire deck outside. Still have about a fifth to go. We ran out of stain. And besides, it's big football night here. Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers. They have been archrivals forever. So we are taking out plum tuckered out bodies down to the couch.

    May not be online much the next couple of days, as now I'm flying solo on the railings. Will be glad when this is done.

    Loved your pictures above.


  3. Hey - don't worry about the blog template - the words are more important! And blogger can be a pain when it rearranges things - I find it always trys to put photos at the top of blog posts, so I either copy all I need straight from Flickr or rearrange it after blogger's messed about with it.

    Paragraph spacing can be a bit funny too!

    Feel free to contact me if you want a little help.

  4. You've been tagged - see my blog!


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