Friday, 25 September 2009

'Mindless Ramblings!'.

I'm never sure what to write about in these posts. Garden Bell has referred to blog posts as 'Mindless Ramblings'. I suppose in the end that's what they are, because I am just rambling on while drinking countless cups of tea!

My Husband is out at work and won't be getting home until late, my daughter who lives at home goes on to the local gym after work and won't be home till gone 7.00pm. and my other daughter left our nest a few months ago. So I'm 'home alone' in the day mostly chatting to my new found friends on Flickr.

When I say I'm 'home alone', I'm not really though. I have my very best friend BrendaS2 texting me quite a few times during the day. We send each other emails and chat on the phone which is lovely. Then I have all my friends in Flickrland and Blogland. I'm glad BrendaS2 has joined us on Flickr although I would love her dearly to become a blogger!

My daughter flew the nest in February. I am 'half an empty-nester!'. Although I wish her all the happiness, I can not describe the feelings that I as her mom experienced back in February. I was so devasted. I know this is what we all want, our children to become independent and find a life of their own. But I was filled with sadness. Crying 'every' day my baby had suddenly left home. I just couldn't come to terms with it even though I still have my other daughter at home with me which is lovely.

I know here in the UK it is near University starting time and I suppose there will be lots of moms experiencing the same feelings that I have had. Other moms around the world too who I know have grown up children have probably experienced the same. I would love to hear from you.

I don't know how I stumbled upon Flickr now to tell you the truth, do you remember how you did? But all I do know is that I in myself have become so much happier to know that I have my best friend BrendaS2 here and all my other new found friends around the world. I can't mention you all by name but you know who you are!

I have always Crocheted from when I was around 15 years of age. I'm now 54. It started in Cookery Lessons would you believe. My friend and myself were allowed to do our Crocheting while waiting for our food to cook in Domestic Science. We made oversize cardigans buying the wool from Littlewoods in Birmingham. Over the years I have made countless blankets, double, single, etc., You only have to go on my stream to see what I have made. I still do not call myself an expert and would never dream of selling anything. It's good enough for me but not others. My Husband thinks I'm nuts, he says I should. But no I haven't the confidence for that. Well done to all that do!

That's when Flickr came into my world. I put my photos on to Flickr and the comments and friendship started coming in. I haven't looked back since then. It's great to receive all your comments, fun to exchange patterns and ideas, and most of all the friendship is just wonderful. So I would like to thank everyone.

Thank you B and 'my new found' friends.
Sorry about the 'Mindless Ramblings!' - Yawn! Yawn! again!
Also for the rubbish picture. Always take so many of everyone else, but never want mine taken.



  1. Hi Mrs. Twins!!! Cute blog!!! I love your mindless ramblings, my 23 year old daughter is also getting ready to leave our nest. She is graduating Nursing school in December, and she cant wait to move out!!! I am really going to miss her, she is such a joy!!

    Anne, AKA RaggedyAnne, your Flickr Contact

  2. Welcome on board Anne!. Congratulations to your daughter she is doing just great! Look forward to chatting again! Sue


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