Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Mr.Postie knows about us all now!

Hi to you all!

It's so nice to be back blogging after the Bank Holiday weekend.

Before I start my post I don't know whether Ladies in the UK know about the new store that's opened. 'Home Sense'. My friend BrendaS2 told me about it. If you have one near to you, they are well worth a visit. A Canadian company I think. They sell everything for the Home and they really are quite reasonable. I've been twice over the weekend and I have bought a couple of things, but I can't tell you just yet...... Glass Ornaments, Mirrors, Pictures, Bed Linen, Garden items, Furniture, Bathroom items. It's great so do check it out.

I couldn't post yesterday because I had an horrendous day at the Hairdressers. Every 3 months I go and have my hair permed. Well yesterday I went. Not at all happy because what should have been a 3 hr job turned into 4 1/4 hours! I was shattered by the time I got back home.

For some reason my hair didn't take properly, so my Hairdresser did the back again. No still not really successful. I can't wash it for 48 hours to see how it is. But I have a feeling I shall be going back again. So my 11.30am appointment lasted until 3.45pm! Oh dear....

Anyway, just to say thanks to everyone that has sent me Squares for the Flower Theme. It has now finished over on SIBOL and I shall be starting the Blankets as soon as I have finally finished the 'sun' theme ones off hopefully this week. Mom came today and she was amazed at the quantity of Squares I had received. She loved your Squares!

Oh by the way....Mr.Postie knocked the door this morning with some packages. It was 20 Questions at the door. So he now knows about you all, and what we're up to! He says you're having Squares from all over the World, I said yes! I bet they are talking about me at the Post Office every morning! ha.ha. when they see where the packages are coming from.

I had some great Squares today Some from Sally 'Chunky Hooker' and also from 'Aussie Maria'. I'm putting them into a Slide Show for you now, I do hope you enjoy looking at them, they are so beautiful. Sally made a SIBOL poem up, please check out my SIBOL Post today.

Anyway, I've had a busy day because Mom came and I've had a lot of work to do for SIBOL, so a quick look through the blogs and then it's bed for me! So I'll say bye for a bit.


  1. Gosh Sue the project has grown in leaps and bounds. You need employees to help you keep up with demand soon :-)

  2. Should we call you Curlie Q Sue now. Keep us posted on how it goes after the first washing. Fun squares. I knew the PostMan was going to figure out something was up there.

    Sorry to hear about the shoting over there today. It's so weird, before I wouldn't have really thought much, but I was looking at google maps now trying to figure out just where it was and all my U.K. friends live. These kind of things are just so tragic.

    Spent the day with my mom, so nothing really to post. Hopefully, I can think up something for tomorrow. And get to some yarn.


    P.S. I still am thinking about those flower squares....

  3. Hi Sue

    Good luck with the hair!

    I really should have sent you some squares by now but I've had a hectic few weeks and lost the internet connection for a while, too. I know I've missed a deadline (or two?) but will send some to you next week and, hopefully, you'll still be able to use them!

    Your postie must be glad to have all those packages explained to him - I bet he's been really curious these past few months!

    Well done on the great success of your blankets!


  4. Hi Sue
    Sorry to hear about your hair trouble. Hope it all turns out ok in the end.
    Gosh you are such a busy lady with all these squares! Is there a deadline for them?
    Thanks for telling us about 'Home Sense'. Sounds well worth a visit! :)

  5. Hello Sue,
    It must be great to get these parcels every day - a bit like receiving presents except for all the work putting them together involves.
    I have my hair permed every three months too and sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad. When I came home from France I foolishly told my hairdresser I wanted it a bit shorter !!! Don't think I will need another haircut for a few months !!!

  6. Hi Sue

    Hope you are recovering from hair troubles - more super squares! I think the postie must have been dying to know why you where receiving loads of packages!! have a great day. Kim x

  7. I hope your hair turns out ok, Sue. Lovely squares, as always. It must be great getting all those parcels delivered, and opening them to see what's inside.


  8. I think he guessed because I received a package the other day and the side was split open! Lucky nothing lost, but of course he would have had a good look! I did explain to him yesterday... Hes been good really not asking questions before now, since January I started.....over 600 squares!!
    Love to you all thanks for visiting Mrs Twins today!


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