Monday, 14 June 2010

My Yarn Day! :)

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend!  Mr. Twins is on holiday this week and he said it would be okay to go up to  Abakhan in Stoke-On-Trent to have a look at the Wool/Yarn. I still tend to call it Wool sorry....
Anyway,  we left about 9.30am and it took us about 1 1/2 hours to get there. I took advantage of the travelling time and took my first Flower Blanket with me, can't waste valuable time!!  I'm sure we all do it.... A sneak preview!!.....

When we arrived at Stoke-On-Trent  the ticket machine was out of order so we put a note in the Car window.  (Just thought I'd tell you that 'vital piece' of information ha.ha.!).

Anyway, Mr. Twins would not move without setting his sat nav to find the shop! I ask you what are they like? He stood there for a good 5 minutes setting the thing up. We were only 'walking' there! I kept saying theres no need for that.....It's only round the corner. So I got my way we walked without the  'sat nav'  and lo and behold we just had to walk up to Marks and Spencers turn left, turn right and the store was on the Corner.  What did I say? I told you so..... We really had a giggle about it, and he won't mind me telling you!! I can't blame him really because we had never been to Stoke-On-Trent before and he does like to know where he is going.

Anyway, we found the shop, walked in and I thought oh my goodness Mr. Twins has bought me all this way and the shop is awlful.  There was dress material, curtain material just thrown about anywhere. It was rather like when shops have sales and all the goods are just thrown about, you know what I mean! I do like order, do you? I do like everything to be in its proper place.  As you first went in there was a material department, buttons, bows etc.,  Then we walked into the Craft Department slightly more organised. Mr. Twins found the Wool Department. Well I was amazed at the stock they had in there.  I was just overcome with all those lovely 'woolly' feelings you get!

First of I looked at the bargain stands.  A lot of the wool I think was probably discontinued but most of it was buy one, get one free! Priced at £6.99 a bag of 12. Of course there were other ones which were not, and they were £7.99 for a bag of 12.

I bought these balls.....I've taken a photo to show you.  Now as I have said to Pilar, Elizabeth Cat and many others I haven't really seen much of this stuff in the local Hobby Craft so to me it was 'gold'. It really does make such a lot of difference to Squares I think (even though you know I love ALL Squares I have to say).

I took lots of time to look around they had a really good selection of Wool there, but I didn't buy anymore. Well when I say 'I', I have to say I didn't buy it......Can you guess who bought it for me?  My Dear Hubby Mr. Twins said he wanted to treat me!! It was such a big bag  of Wool too! Wanna see? It's our 27th Wedding Anniversary on Friday and it was a pressie from him to me.

We got back in to the Car and everything was okay, no parking ticket or anything so we set back on our way. We travelled on to Bakewell where the tarts come from and found a lovely little Tea Shop called 'Lavender Tea Rooms'

 where we had this.........

Beautiful piece of Bakewell Tart and a nice cup of English Tea in a nice China cup and Saucer! The Waitress was dressed up and so was the Waiter and they had Antiques displayed on the walls which you could actually buy. You know the sort of things Old Mirrors, China plates, display items.......

After the refreshments and looking round the shops we walked on down past the river......

back to the car.  I have to say it was a lovely day out together.  We don't go out too much these days on our own there is always something going on back at home.  Would I go again to Abakhan? I would for the Wool definitely.  I thought a really good variety of Wool and very reasonably priced.  Of course you can visit their web site because you can order on-line.

I did some Crocheting on the way back too until I fell asleep in the car, but when I got back there was a surpise in my porch! Now if you want to know what it was, a clue is 'something to do with SIBOL!'.  So if you want to know you'll have to pop over to my 'spin-off' blog  SIBOL and take a look for yourselves!

I had to wear my jumper today because I was freezing!

Bye for now,


  1. Happy Anniversary Sue - what a great present your hubby bought for you. :)

  2. Well, isn't your hubbie the best. I can't believe what a wonderful day you had. Nice pictures. So, nice to see you leave the house actually...... Isn't it fun to fill that car time with some hooking. I usually do that, as I'm a nervous Nellie when Scott drives.

    Can wait to see what progress you have made.

    Off to fix dinner,

  3. Olá, fico feliz que consiga ler os meu comentários, é que eu percebo bem o inglês mas dou erros ao escrever e depois ainda era pior lol.
    Que bela viagem que fez, e que belas compras, é tão bom passar assim dias diferentes, eu também gosto.
    Parabéns pelo aniversário.
    Bjos doces

  4. So pleased to see you two go out for what turned out to be a lovely day, even if a tad chilly... Hope you have a wonderful Anniversary Day too...
    Loved seeing your smoko of Bakewell slice & a good pot of English tea... & to think there is a place called Bakewell... I used to make that slice so often when the kids still lived at home...
    Love your new stash of wool/yarn...

  5. Looks like you had a really nice day and that stock of wool should keep you busy ( as if YOU needed to be kept busy !) for ages.
    We stayed near Bakewell when we were in the UK in 2008 so I know just what you are talking about when you speak about strolling along the river. Lovely isn't it? Though we don't like Bakewell Tarts - as we say they have cockroaches (almond flavouring) in them !!!

  6. ooo what a lovely day out yarn AND bakewell tart, Heaven!! Happy Anniversary for Friday!

  7. Pilar (pertinitaco)15 June 2010 at 07:07

    now, is there a better way of celebrating an anniversary? Yarn shopping, tea and cakes!! Congrats Sue!!

  8. Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Twins! Sue, sounds like a perfect day to me, how lovely and be treated to that scrummy textured yarn AND tea and cakes, my idea of heaven. You so deserve it. Sorry it was a bit chilly - it wasnt too bad here yesterday except the wind did have a slight chill in it. I am always in awe of people who can crochet in the car - I always feel car sick even looking down at the map!! its SUCH wasted time too - really frustrating! xx

  9. Looks like you did really well with the wool (I always call it wool too and so did my mum and nan so you aren't alone with that one!) and I shall look forward to seeing what you do with it. I have used "fuzzy" wool in the past for things like scarves so it will be interesting to see what you make with it. I hope you both have a wonderful Anniversary day too - it's my second anniversary this year so I have some way to go before I get to 27 years wed!!! xxxxx Off to go see SIBOL now!!

  10. Hi Sue,
    Happy Anniversary! What a lovely day you had and how sweet of your hubby to give you a huge gift of WOOL (I don't mind you calling YARN wool at all). I love to eat in tea shops - we have one near us that I have visited. My hubby loves to use his GPS in the car and/or truck. We have a built in one in our Ford truck and even I can read it from my seat. It has been so helpful while driving in Canada on roads we have never been on. Have a wonderful celebration this Friday!

  11. Olá, tem um selinho para você no meu blogue, bjos doces

  12. Happy Anniversary ! I'm missing England today , I want to go to Stoke on Trent and Bakewell, home ground for a Staffordshire girl like me! Hope you enjoy your wool- what a great present !
    Louise x

  13. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful dear man you have, there. It's nice when husbands understand our passion for the craft, isn't it?? I have never had a Bakewell tart, but I HAVE seen little crochet versions of them, though! Both kinds look delicious.

  14. Happy Anniversary to you both for Friday. Sounds like you had a lovely day!

  15. Wooppeee!!!! Nothing makes us smile more than a large bag of goodies, a bit of cake and a hook in hand.
    I too don't like shops that are disorganised and messy. One reason why I won't shop at a very large craft franchise in Australia - no names, even though it does carry what I need :-(

  16. What a lovely day! Happy anniversary! x


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