Friday, 4 June 2010

Pretty Squares from Kent / My hair story. SATURDAY UP-DATE Karins' Squares and Ruth Marie! Pop in and take a look!

Hi Everyone!

Just wishing you all a nice weekend.  I do hope the weekend turns out okay, it's so lovely today again. So warm out in my Garden.

For those of you who were kind enough to leave comments about my 'perm'.  I think I have just had a bad one this time. I rang up this morning and I have an appointment 9.00 am Monday morning, so hopefully I shall be happy. I know it's only hair, but it's amazing how a good style can make you feel so good.  I was really looking forward to having my hair permed, I always feel like a million dollars when I walk out. This time as she started (hope she's not reading...) I thought I've got a feeling her heart isn't in this today! I'm sure you know what I mean.  You can never guarantee that your  hair will be the exactly the same every time you go.  I went Tuesday morning and at the end of the first 3 hours, she said for some reason the crown part isn't curly at the back.  So....she re-did the crown part. But when she had finished that, all the bottom at the back was dead straight, and that was after the 4 1/4 hours.  I had quite an horrendous time.  She said to leave it for 48 hours so I washed it as soon as I possibly could, and it's still straight. It seems as though it hasn't got much curl in.  I rang up this morning as it was her day off yesterday and she said she wanted to spend time on it, so she said could I go in Monday morning at 9.00 am.  Well I would rather go in when she's got time to hopefully 'do it again'.

I have had a couple of perms over the years that haven't worked out and they've redone them and they've been okay. So fingers crossed. I sat down and cried yesterday morning after washing it. I don't know I was feeling so down it's amazing how hair bucks you up when it's done to your satisfaction.

It's rather silly I know getting so damn worked up about hair. But even at my age I do try to 'keep my standards up' I always say. Bless my Husband Mr. Twins for treating me.  It's his money too that pays for my hair and at around £60.00 or just a bit more! I have to get 'his' money's worth!  I love my Husband very much he's been such a wonderful Dad to our girls and indeed a wonderful Husband.  We celebrate our 28th Wedding Anniversary in June. I love him to bits....

Oh! dear I have got the downs still. I don't know why..... You have these days....I'll be okay once my hair is sorted I know I will. I was just so looking forward to being half decent and I'm disappointed.  But friends lets put things into perspective, it's only hair and nothing else. Thank goodness.  I'll get over it.

It's a good job I have my Blankets to cheer me up and I know that later on this afternoon I will be able to grab time to sit down and chill out with them.

Anyway, back to SIBOL businesss. Dear Laura sent me some Squares yesterday and I want to show them because they are so pretty.. I love the colours that she has used.  I'm so grateful to her.  She has just finished a wonderful Blanket and had these extra ones so she very kindly sent them to me for the SIBOL project.

'DomesticDoris 1980' (UK) Thank you so much for these gorgeous Squares, they really are pretty! .......>

Pretty Squares from DomesticDoris1980' amongst my Shamrock.

Squares always cheer me up. I'm sure you will agree they are really pretty. Thank you Laura. Please visit her blog and have a good weekend everyone! I'll let you know how my hair turns out!


Thanks to all who have commented on my hair.  It certainly has given me a boost knowing that my friends feel the same way as me! Thank you.

I've been busy even on a Weekend, two lots of beautiful SIBOL Blue and White Squares have arrived this morning.  I can't thank you enough they are both absolutely beautiful I'm sure you will agree.

I've had Karins' Squares from the (Netherlands)  and also Ruth*Marie (UK). I have written a longer post on SIBOL.

I've combined two lots of Squares on this Slide Show for you to take a look at. Make yourself a drink, make yourself comfortable and enjoy!

Beautiful Colour Combinations, great Squares thank you !x


  1. Oh Sue,
    I know just how you feel! Your hair makes such a difference to the way you feel about yourself. I'm sure by Monday afternoon all will be well.
    Have a nice weekend

  2. Dear sue;
    Please try to hold up your head with a smile on your face because you are very blessed, even though most people can, they do not. Usually I don't get so upset, but I always try to see how insignificant it is in the overall picture. So, when you feel very down, just remember how blessed you are.
    Gloria xxx

  3. I'm sure your hair will be sorted out and you'll feel better after Monday. In the meantime, enjoy all those lovely squares, get your sunhat on and enjoy this lovely weather in the garden!

    Janet x

  4. Hi Sue

    Hopefully you'll have the best hair ever by the time you've finished your next appointment. I know how much difference feeling good about your hair matters to us girlies, so you have my sympathies. I have always kept mine long - it's dead straight and doesn't take to any styling, either perming, layering, or setting on rollers, plus keeping it long means that, if it gets on my nerves, I can tie it up out of the way!

    Anyway, after all that typing, I shall post some squares off to you after the weekend!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  5. I know what you mean.
    For me it's not about perm, but about colour.
    A week ago my hair got the red highlights, but yesterday I saw my hair starting to be too pinkish.
    So I phoned my hairdresser and coming tuesday she will do it again.......

    The squares are great.

    Sue, please cheer up a bit, only you will know about your hair, nobody will see it....

    Enjoy the sunny weekend!
    ~X~ Karin

  6. Pilar (pertinitaco)4 June 2010 at 17:51

    now, you are my hero. I could never spend so many hours in the hairdresser's. Don't worry dear, I'm sure you look beautiful with or without perm, and it will be sorted in a couple of days. Now forget about it and enjoy the weekend!
    Love Pilar.

  7. {{{{{{{{Sue}}}}}}}}}
    I hope the hairdresser will have a better day on Monday. I hate having to stay long at a hairdresser. I am lucky to have natural curles in my hair and second my hair is cut by a friend.

  8. Sending hugs, Sue. I understand how you feel. I hope your Monday appointment sorts it all out for you. In the meantime, enjoy working on your lovely blankets. x

  9. Thanks to all for your comments! It'll work out I'm sure.. Well I hope...... thats what I intend to do tonight! Thank you. cheer me up!!

  10. Dear Sue, I am sending you a big (hug) you so sound like you need it. You have all of your blogland friends to lift you. I am sorry about your hair - how frustrating to spend all of that time and money to be so disappointed and you are right - when hair isn't right you don't feel right. Now on Monday you go and relax and enjoy and I am sure you will come out looking even more beautiful. Have a lovely sunny weekend. Kim x

  11. Oh Sue, such a little thing can drag us down and I hope you did not have a "big" event you wanted your hair nice for. That has happened to me, and while I agree it is only hair, I so wanted to make an impression, mainly for me.
    Could be a good excuse to whip up a very special happy hat ☺

    hA HA HA - the word verifications is "redly" hope thats not what your after

  12. Dear Sue, I am sending you a big hug to help cheer you up after a bad hair day. Poor you!
    I'm sure you will feel all better on Monday ...
    lots of love Louise xx

  13. I'm accepting your big hugs everyone! I feel a bit better today thank you! Be glad when Monday is over. No I hadn't got a special occasion to go to. But I really look forward to getting it sorted. I'm crocheting my Blankets 'very warm work. It's so nice to crochet isn't it? It gives you a good feeling!!...
    Thanks everyone, bless my dear friends!

  14. Hi Sue,
    I'll be thinking of you and will be hoping that all goes well tomorrow!
    Love, Helen

  15. Hi Sue,
    During the 80s when I had longer hair I use to get perms but after a couple years they just didn't seem to "take" (like your recent results). I stopped having them done. They were expensive too. Of course now I pay through the nose for the coloring. LOL! One of these days I will let it go but not until my hubby gets some gray hair. I just can't believe he still doesn't have any gray even his younger twin brothers (8 years younger) have gray hair. I like your slide show on the side bar - that is neat. Have a lovely day sweetie. We're in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada today taking a housekeeping day to do laundry and groceries (if I ever get off my computer that is). Tomorrow we continue our journey to Alaska (we're only half way there after two weeks on the road). Of course we are towing a house behind our truck.


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