Sunday, 13 June 2010

My New Bird Cage

Hi Everyone!

It's 4.36am to be precise.......I'm up still, I haven't gone to bed...... I don't think I'll bother now actually. Both Little Miss Twins  (both of them) went out to the local pub last night to watch the Football Match with their Friends. they went out at 5.00pm and after the match they went back to Friends and then went on 'clubbing'. So they've been out all night coming back in at 3.30am. Quite a nice quiet hooky evening.   I didn't mean to stop up I was on the verge of going to bed I was so sleepy  hooking away. Then Mr. Twin found a film to watch so I for some reason started watching that and then I had a new lease of life.  You all know how it is! I had been sitting there all night watching him flick from one channel to the next, so annoying isn't it? We've gone back to Virgin this week to see if there is anything on there to watch.  Freeview is fine, but it's pretty basic.  I don't know about you but every Saturday night when you want to sit down to  watch a film or something half decent there is never anything on.  So that's why we changed to Virgin. But I have to say nothing really on to night probably because the TV schedule has all changed due to the Football. We drew then......

Anyway, after the second lease of life appeared, I had the urge to go upstairs and bring down my new Bird Cage.  I did mention last week that I had been to the new 'Home Sense' store here in the UK.  They do have some really lovely things there, everything for the home. Bed Linen, Furniture, Decorative Garden Ware, Mirrors, Ornaments  etc.,  I have to say they are all pretty cheap too. 

Now the Bird Cage I have in the Conservatory was around £25.00 from a local Garden Centre last year. But while walking around 'Home Sense' I spotted a Bird Cage which I thought would be ideal for our Lounge. Well I did say last week I had bought something but didn't say what.  Well today I will show you.

I have made some Butterflies from our dear Nettie and the Birdie was based on Lucy's Birdie, although my Birdie wasn't copied from her instructions, I just put it together. Do you want to see?

While out at the new Homestore last week I bought a new Bird Cage for only a tenner! Thought I'd pretty it up 'as I do'. Lucy's Birdie and Netties Butterflies!

Lucy's Birdie with Elizabeth Cats Gold Thread, my Birdie enjoys his new Bird Cage.

I made the Butterflies from Nets Pets - Thank you Nettie.  They were actually made just before Christmas and also the Birdie was based on Lucy's Birdie.

I've put together three strips of my first Flower Blanket tonight and it's looking quite good......

Nite all, Morning all, (whatever!)


  1. Morning!
    You didn't go to sleep and I woke up really early - not saying the hour because I am young and supposed to go 'clubbing' and wake up late too. haha

    Your new bird cage with butterflies is beautiful!! I love those golden accents.

    Mum and I were cheering on England yesterday (hope my American friends do NOT read this!). Too bad they couldn't score another goal.


  2. Really pretty new birdcage Sue, I love the gold. You are a night owl aren't you!?

  3. Good morning! Gosh, you will be tired today (an early night for you tonight perhaps?). I like your new birdcage and all the gold colours. Lovely! x

  4. I love the new birdcage. I hope you get some sleep today and aren't too tired. Looking forward to seeing the flower blanket.

  5. That's really pretty! Can't believe you've been up all night!!!! Maybe you should have gone clubbing too :) Have a good sleep tonght! Ros

  6. Beautiful is looking cute ....good job ! I love the birds ,I have made some few months ago and I have them hanging in my movie room ,they are cute.
    Have a wonderful week !!!! Love ya !

  7. The new birdcage looks real pretty. It'll go real nice with your other birdcage. :)

  8. Wow Sue,
    What a "special" night you passed... well done, sometimes doing different things could be amazing...
    What a pretty birdcage, I really love it.
    Thanks for the slide show with my squares. I'm happy...

  9. I'm such a lightweight - I struggle to stay up after 11!!! What a gorgeous cage - I haven't been to Home Sense yet - is it the one at the Fort Shopping Centre or Merry Hill? The gold colours really complement the cage beautifully. xxx Ruth

  10. Hope you manage to catch up with your sleep Sue! The bird cage is lovely - you need to make an "Owl" to go in it for the late nights!! I passed a Home Sense in Chichester the other day but I was on a coach and couldn't stop and its a bit far for me will have to see if there is one nearer. Have a great day Sue xx

  11. These are all lovely. You have been very busy. I was still awake at 3am this morning grrrr.

  12. We have an excuse in Australia for staying up that late to see the World Cup, but really that is te for you ......... :-))))
    Love the new birdcage with the twinkly lights


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