Sunday, 6 June 2010

Our SIBOL article 'Inside Crochet' appears today! Monday Up-Date!

Hi Everyone!

Exciting day today, I saw my article in 'Inside Crochet'.
If you want to buy it digitally you can do so at
It will be in W.H. Smiths or Hobby Craft around June 9th.

Here's a photo of it, click on and you will be able to adjust the size. Best I can do at the moment.
There are a couple of mistakes.
Squares come to me from all over the World, but I don't send Blankets 'World Wide'  just yet! ha.ha.
My Internet name is Mrs Twins.

I hope you enjoy reading! Thank you!

I've managed to take a photo off the computer. I loaded the magazine digitally. At last you can see our SIBOL Project in print!


I'd like to thank everyone for their comments over on Flickr and on the blogs Mrs Twins and SIBOL after seeing the article in Inside Crochet. I'm pleased you liked it. We did pretty well there SIBOLETTES!!

Up-date on my hair!  All is fine now, panic over.  Perm has been done again. I have to say the Hairdresser seemed to take a lot more care over it today. Changed the elastics on the curlers, to get it tighter for me, and even went out and bought new 'neutraliser'.  I think she was worried it would happen again! Anyway, all is well. I'm not upset anymore. I appreciate the 'big hugs' from everyone! I know you have all agreed with me. us women like to feel good when it comes to our hair.

Anyway, back to SIBOL business.

I'd like to thank marion119 on Flickr for the beautiful selection of Squares this morning. Quite a mixture I have to say and they are all just lovely. Flower ones, Blue and White and others too for other Blankets.  It's awlfully good of you marion119 I really, really appreciate your help.

I'd also like to thank DebiY for the great Blue and White Squares received today.  We have quite a collection now of Blue and White Squares and they are all different patterns.  DebiY has used Jan Eatons Book which is so popular in the States and here in the UK.  She slightly modified the patterns herself, but the patterns are 94 Gothic Square and 129 Anemone. I'd also like to thank DebiY for the Square for the Friendship Blanket that I have been requested to make for myself.  (Which I haven't had time to put together yet, but they are already to be made into a Blanket for me......!!) So thank you!

I have put the two lots of Squares together on Mrs Twins for you all to see. Once again thanks for everything everyone! Very kind of you to leave me such wonderful comments!

I have to say too, Kate has been doing something really special today for  SIBOL.
Would you like to pop over and have a look. She's been working so hard. Pop over and say hello!


  1. Well done Sue! I am so inspired by your SIBOL work... when my life is back in order after the building has finished, I must send you a square from Sunny SA!

  2. Oh this is so exciting, don't you think? Again, congratulations on being featured in the magazine.

  3. FANTASTIC! Well done you! Well deserved recognition. Have a great week! Ros

  4. Olá, que bom, ser reconhecida numa revista, você merece, bjos doces

  5. hi Sue

    i'm so excited to see you in print, i've sent my mum on a mission to WHSmith!
    Louise xx

  6. Many congratulations on the article! So glad your hair all sorted now. Lots to smile about! :)

  7. Hi Sue,

    Congratulations!!! Great to see your idea published in this wonderful magazine...

    My squares has been dispatched today. Hope it will arrive to you soon and healthy...

    Carmen xx

  8. Pilar (pertinitaco)8 June 2010 at 07:53

    hi Sue!
    So glad to know you're happy with your hair again! Gorgeous squares keep coming in, and so exciting seing SIBOL featured in a magazine. Can't wait to see more!
    Hugs Pilar


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