Friday, 11 June 2010

Enjoy your World Cup Everyone!

Hi Everyone on Friday!

Well the weekend is fast approaching. Special weekend as the World Cup starts.  Now I'm not a Footie Fan but when England are playing and everyone has their Flags hanging from buildings, cars etc.,  I thought why not get into the World Cup Spirit.  So I went to the Supermarket and bought some cheapy flags.  They are meant for cars really but I broke the ends off and stuck them in my plants.  I remember the last World Cup decorating my Garden up.  I don't go to town like lots of people but I do like sticking a few Flags in my containers and baskets outside.

One thing I am always amazed at is the supermarkets and how people flood in there  to stock up on the usual junky food in time for the World Cup! You know the sort of thing Lagers, Crisps, Pizzas. The  shelves are full with this sort of stuff. We as a family are healthy eaters, lots of fruit, vegetables.  No chips, no burgers, no pizzas,not even the occasional packet of crisps. But generally we don't eat the take away sorts of things.  My two daughters are very healthy conscious working out at the gym every night for 1 1/2 hours and really watch everything that goes into their mouths.  You know counting the calories, avoiding the junk.  Well I'm pleased to say they both have beauitful figures but I do remember around the age of 11 they were both quite chubby. 

I remember them coming home from Infants School bringing children to tea.  In those days we would often have Chips, Chicken Nuggets, pizzas.  I suppose that was how their weight was put on. I suppose too me going to a Slimming Club I know what is good for you and what is bad for you.  They are aware now, probably though at times too fussy.  But generally we do avoid the 'junk'. You probably think we are miseries! I suppose it would have been different if we had two sons in the family instead of two girls!
I have only about 4 pounds to go now to I get to my target weight. It's been so slow and my heart hasn't really been in it, but I'm gettiing there. So I won't be eating any naughties! Not that I would want them.

Anyway,  I do hope my Friends in America are looking forward to the match with England.  I will probably sit down to watch it and do a bit of my favourite thing at the same time also.  So....let the best men win!
I hope everyone visiting my blog from all over the World will enjoy the event.

I'll wish you all a Happy Weekend.  OOh, nearly forgot.....Mr. Twins is on holiday next week, so we are going out for some rides in the day.  So......if I'm quiet you know why.  But hopefully I'll be able to check things as and when I can! I've asked him to take me up to Abakan (where they sell yarn!!!! :) )  That should be fun.

I'll leave you with my England Flags!! Happy time Everyone visiting 'Mrs Twins!'. Thank you!


Carmen's Squares came in from Spain this morning. They are so pretty. Such beautiful colours and beautiful patterns. I love taking photos for you all to see!
Please enjoy her Slide Show.......
Here you are Carmen........and Thank you!


  1. Have to agree with your there Sue - don't people go mad in the supermarkets?! It's either football or BBQ weather time and the supermarkets are heaving!! Your girls sound like superfit girls and I wish I had their dedication or indeed some of their motivation to exercise - I just don't think I'm that type unfortunately. Your garden is looking lovely - just right for a bit of sitting out in to enjoy the sun (it's starting to poke out through the clouds in my neck of the woods and I'm about 40 mins to a hour away from you so hopefully the sun is making its' way to you too!)

    Have a great weekend xxxxxxx

  2. You decorated your house, it looks so nice. I wish I could do the same with mine but I have no balcony where to hang the flag. My coworker just bought a large one this morning and is hanging it at his balcony.
    Here in Spain everybody is crazy with the World Cup, could it be this time we could be champions? Who knows!
    Enjoy your holiday with Mr. Twins.


  3. Hi Sue, loving the England flags. I hope you have a nice week with Mr Twins.

  4. Hi sue
    I have an admission, I can't bear football! So i'm going to be doing a lot of reading and crochet in the next few weeks because hubby loves it! I hope England does well for the sake of all the people who like it but i'll just be glad when it's over!!!

  5. Lovely to catch a glimpse of your garden. It looks very summery and pretty.
    I nearly went crazy last night here 'cos it was footy , footy, footy on all channels here - rugby, AFL ( Aussie Rules), soccer and rugby league !!! POO !!!
    I spent the night on Facebook and blogland and playing Spider Solitare till finally Midsomer Murders came on quite late and I was able to get my little "fix" of quirky English villages before bed.
    Have a nice week - we'll expect a detailed account and photos too so don't leave that camera at home !


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