Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Ta - Dah's! All three of them! The final three 'Sun themed Blankets!'.

Hello Everyone!

I thought you might like to see the final three Ta - Dah's of the Sun themed Blankets. 

I've made you a Slide show. I've had such fun doing these Sun themed Blankets and I'd like to thank
everyone who has helped me! They have been the most beautful Squares and I have really enjoyed working with them!  So thank you!


  1. Sue, what can I say - BRILLIANT! I love the different colours of edging making each one totally individual - you clever lady such beautiful work. Very Very well done! What an achievement. I have flickr mailed you - hope your hair turned out fine this time Kim xx

  2. Super dooper special Lady. What alot of work!! Hey how did the doo go hope all is restored and that you are feeling on top of the world,

  3. What fabulous blankets! Love the colours and the designs. My word Sue, you've really been busy! Such lovely work. Ros

  4. How nice the sunthemed blankets have turned out. You really did well again,Sue.
    I am not sure if I will be able to recognize all of my squares. Maybe you could help me.

  5. Wow Wow and Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are truly fantastic! Well done, Sue!:)

  6. Wow Mrs . Sue ...they are so beautiful,God bless you and everyone else who are participating on this Goal.I love them ,the colors are lookng so happy , i can picture a smile on an elderly face.That's awesome.

    Congratulations Mrs. Sue !


  7. All so different and so beautiful, but all full of sunshine and happiness
    I know I would be smiling with one of these on my laps
    Wonderful work Sue

  8. Wow!!! how brigth they are.... so beautiful!!! Full of joy, thats the way I'll feel with such a nice blankets. Congratulations.

  9. Sue , They look a treat ! All so different and special. Hope your hair is more to your liking !
    Louise xx

  10. Wonderful. This project is going so well. Congratulations.


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