Monday, 21 June 2010

Monday again,.....

Hi Everyone!

First chance I've had today to pop over to 'Mrs Twins'. Mr. Twins' goes back to work tomorrow. You all know what it's like when our other halves are at home. It's nice to have them here, but your routine gets slightly disrupted!

Anyway, we've been to Chester and to Bakewell. We've had a night out last Friday at our favourite Indian Restaurant which we both enjoyed and managed to do other bits and pieces too, odd jobs you might say. Like searching for a new loo seat. Mr. Twins sat on it and it cracked. We've had the bathroom suite now for 6 years and I think it must have weakened over the years, because he sat on it and it's cracked in half! I thought I was the only one that these things happen to! Anyway, three toilet seats later......He's actually done now what I mentioned in the first place. Why don't you go back to the Bathroom shop where we bought it from, tell them the name of the suite and see if they can order one. Well finally this afternoon he's done just that. So hopefully in a weeks time we will be sorted. It's the top bit that's cracked the lid part. Yes, this will be the fourth because he kept buying different ones from B & Q, Homebase etc., and they just wouldn't fit. No, I'm not cross, at least I didn't break them this time.

What else? umm....This afternoon it was so beautiful after I took Marion119 photographs of her beautiful Squares we sat outside on that white bench I often take a photo of and we had a cream tea together. I bought some Scones and Cream from Tesco and we had a nice mug of tea out in the Garden. Well he goes back to work tomorrow and we was hoping to go out to lunch today, but we didn't have time, so it was a last treat for him. Yes, we had a nice week and the weather hasn't been too bad at all. Now tomorrow I will be back on my own with my friends and my hook!

Talking of hooks....I haven't had much time to crochet this week, but I plan to change that tomorrow.

Oh! I managed to pick up my photo frame too from the framing shop. Unfortunately Mr. Twins' knocked if off the wall a few weeks ago. I took it into the shop to have some new glass replaced. All is well now it's back on the wall. 'Mindless Ramblings - vital piece of information'.

I think that's about all....Not too much of an exciting week but at least I've got out the house and seen some of the beautiful English Countryside. I did panic at one point though up in the Derbyshire Dales when the sat nav took us round in a circle! We had to laugh!

Anyway, back to business.

Marion 119 very kindly sent me some Squares today. I have made a Slide Show so I hope you will enjoy looking at them. Thank you so much I really appreciate your help. They are so pretty and I will be able to use them quite easily in the Challenges. So thank you!

Here goes, until next time bye....


  1. Look at those sweet blues.

    Slightly disrupted is putting it mildly. Why do they now need more attention than before we started blogging. I can barely count out a chain from Friday at 5pm to Monday morning.

    Glad to see you had a wonderful celebration this weekend for your anniversary.

    Heading over to SIBOL... Have the name for the next one...


  2. Hi Mrs. Sue ....this is wonderful....I guess this one of the bunch I like the most.I love the white with light blue ,beautiful.Love them.Wishing you a nice and bless week.Tomorrow I'll be working .



  3. Enjoy the peace and happy hooking

  4. Goodmorning Sue!

    Glad you had a great week with Mr. Twins.
    Now back to the hooks and very important business: squares! Enjoy it!

    The blue-white squares from Marion are wonderful!

    ~X~ Karin

  5. I know the feeling - he thinks he's on holiday, but it's not really so much of a holiday for you. Still, a break in routine is good, as is getting out and about. I was the same last week - glad to get back my routine this week - except that we're expecting builders to come and lay a new patio!

  6. Sue, I am so glad you and Mr Twins have had a nice week and a lovely Anniversary! Yes back to the hook for you now!! I did actually put the laundry on before I blogged yesterday, but it was a close run thing, I was DYING to get to my computer to see how everyone was and what I have missed!!! I love the squares from Marion, lovely baby blue, brilliant. Glad the loo seat got sorted, I know what you mean and some of the stores, the loo seats just don't fit!. x

  7. What a lovely, relaxing week together

  8. HI Sue,
    I'm glad you enjoyed a nice week with your husband,I can imagine you seated in your beautiful, beautiful white garden bench (I love it...) with your english mug of tea!!!
    Congratulations on your Annyversary.


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