Friday, 18 June 2010

Our Wedding Anniversary today! SIBOL Squares from UK and Canada!

Hi Everyone!

We both celebrate our 27th Wedding Anniversary today. Gosh! where does the time fly to! Enjoyed every minute too. Thank you Mr. Twins' Love ya!

Mr & Mrs Twins' celebrate their 27th  Wedding Anniversary today. No need to buy real flowers Mr. Twins!

We're going out to our favourite Curry restaurant tonight where I have my usual curry, which is Onion Bhajis, with Chicken Malaya and Rice. So the diet goes to pot tonight, who cares..... Come back and sit down and do my favourite thing which is.......'Hooky!', while watching the rubbish on TV. Mr. Twins' will get back in and fall asleep as he usually does.....

Anyway,I had some wonderful Squares today some from Pippa.S. (UK off the MSE Forum) and Bonnie in Canada. Now Bonnie if you are visiting could you email me please. I can't seem to put my fingers on your email address and I so want to thank you!

I have made you Pippa.S and Bonnie a Slide Show of your Squares, thank you so much. If you want to stop the Slide Show click on the photo. Have a good weekend!

Gorgeous Squares thank you both so...much!


  1. Happy Anniversary Sue. Hope you enjoy your evening celebrating. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Twins... sounds like it will be a lovely evening!

  3. Have a wonderful time at dinner. Life goes back to normal so quickly doesn't. They seem to check it off the list as being taken care of.

    Fun new squares. By the way, smart move limiting the number sent. It make it so much easier to feel like it's OK. just to send one or two.

    Still mulling over that Xmas idea of exchange. Not sure I'm ready to open that can of worms. You will understand if your read my posting today.

    Have a great celebration this weekend. And do try to put that hook down and get out.

    Back to my hooking for now. Going to try and be good at stepping away this weekend. Lots of functions to attend.


  4. Happy Happy Happy Anniversary Sue and Mr. Twins!

  5. Have the happiest of anniversaries Sue! I was looking at your lovely photo on the mantelpiece there - just beautiful!



  6. Congratulations on your anniversary - it sounds like a lovely way to spend an evening, especially sitting and doing hooky things :-)

  7. Happy Anniversary Sue. I read on Flickr that you had a good time. Isn't it funny how we all follow each other around on our blogs or on flickr!!!
    Hope your weekend is a good one and the weather is sunny and warm.

  8. Happy Anniversary . Sounds like you have a nice evening planned. Your blankets continue to amaze me. You are doing a great job.
    Have a nice weekend

  9. Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Twins and may you enjoy many many more.

  10. Happy Anniversary to you both. I hope you had a lovely meal out last night. Curry - yum yum!

  11. Congratulations!!!
    How was your meal?

    The squares are great!

  12. Congrats to both of you - what a wonderful achievement


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