Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wednesday Squares from Yarns From a Barn In France and Valerie.

Hi Everyone!

Ooh, it's been so cold here in the UK today! I've had great difficulty keeping warm! Just longing to get outside again in to the Garden, bit nippy at the moment.

Today I had some really nice Squares come in.  I know I 'always' say that, don't I? But you know I really do mean it. For every Square that comes through my letter box, (or should say lands on my carpet) each one is a sheer joy! I've had some Squares from Yarns From a Barn in France, and a beautiful little Flower Brooch. Thank you very much for the Squares and gift, it was very nice of you. Really lovely 'sun' themed Squares will be just perfect for our Challenge!

These Squares have travelled from France. Thank you Kathy! Really lovely!

Valerie has sent me Squares before and it's really nice of her to send me two today.  They are so pretty. The colours she has used go together so well.  Isn't it amazing when you crochet Squares how good they look even when you use a variety of colours?  She's given me some information in an email about the Squares. If you are sending me Squares it would always be useful to include some information about the patterns used.

The mauve square was from crochet overlay jewelry by Melody macduffee the squares in her book are made out of 2 strands of ordinary cotton sewing thread but when made in wool they come out much bigger.It is sort of simular to aran crochet. The other square was from the 99 crochet flower book by leisure arts."

 crochet3love sent me these beautiful Squares today. Thank you Valerie! I just love them. Just look at the one on the right! Isn't it unusual.

I'm sure you'll agree both sets of Squares are just great, thank you so much!

I hope you enjoy the Slide Show with Squares that have been received today.


  1. Hello everyone....! I have been a little busy at work , but I'm here once again.I love this blog and all the squares coming to Ms.Twins hands from so many different places from around the world .I know she will have them together very soon.Can't wait to see all.Mrs Twins Thank you so much for the opportunity you have gave me to be part of this blog.Now....wishing you a beautiful week . Blessings !!!

  2. More beautiful square patterns - just when I thought I had seen enough to keep me going forever ☺

  3. The patterns are endless, who would have thought there would be soooo much variety -brilliant. Hasn't the workplace photos on flickr been fun? loved your comment to me about where was the chair - I forgot to put it in so it now has its own special photo complete with cushions and cat!!!!!! such fun **Kim**x


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