Friday, 9 April 2010

A busy Week and Squares from Sandy Arizona.

Hi Everyone,

Well another weekend approaches. Short week in the UK as we have had Bank Holidays.  Today has been glorious weather here in the UK.  Neighbours were out washing cars, putting plants in their flower beds and generally tidying up like myself this afternoon.  It was so beautiful out in the garden. So I'm  a bit late posting 'Mrs Twins' blog as I was out enjoying the nice weather.  We don't seem to have that much of it I thought I would make the most of it.

Sandy Lives in Arizona, and today I received her lovely Squares.  She's taking part in our 'sun' themed Challenge and I'm so pleased she has done.  For today she has sent the most beautiful Squares. Just look at the 'sunny' colours!. So bright, with all the orange and yellow.  She was telling me that both of her Grandmothers were in Nursing homes in the last years of their lives and she is helping 'SIBOL' in Memory of them so I'm really  pleased she's taken part. She is also going to try and help us with future Blankets which is fabulous.

Such bright Squares! Great thank you Sandy!

I hope you will check out Sandy's blog. Thank you once again Sandy.

Sandys 'Sunshine Squares' with the 'SIBOLS!'.

I would like to say a Big Thank you to those who have sent me Squares this week. As I have said I have been so overwhelmed by your kindness.  More than I could ever have expected, so thank you.  It has been quite busy for me this week. As soon as the Squares arrive I try and email the person to let them know they have arrived safely.  Then I go and take some photos in the Conservatory and load them onto Flickr and then the two blogs.  It is quite time consuming.  It would be a lot quicker if at times the connection wasn't lost, and if photos loaded up quicker, but there you are.  Not a lot we can do about that. I try and do my Housework early in the morning, and do my errands like supermarket shopping, visiting my Mom every day and the 'never-ending Laundry' before I sit down to 'play'. Sometimes it takes me just a little bit longer to get everything sorted so that's probably why you've had to wait a while to see your photos appear.  Like today I did take advantage of the good weather as I said  to generally tidy up outside. So thank you for your patience. I know there are a lot of you who visit the two blogs every day to see the up-dated Squares. I appreciate you visiting me.

I've asked Mr Twin to make me an Excel spreadsheet to put on my blog.  I thought it would be really good to keep a count on there and see which 'Country' is in the lead! As if we didn't know! Who do you think? I think you're right.  The USA is in the lead, surely! We'll have to wait and see.   Hopefully he'll get round to it this weekend.

With regard to my Engagement ring.  We are still trying to get it sorted. Thanks everyone for your concern and I will let you know what happens about that. We are still making enquiries.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.  Please have a look at Sandy's Squares in the Slide Show because you will just love them! Thanks Sandy again.

Bye for now

~~~~ Sue ~~~~~


  1. Hi Sue
    From a tiny acorn of an idea what a wonderful tree of friendship has grown A real testament to peoples goodwill. You are doing a fantastic job!
    Thanks for popping over to my blog. I knew a subliminal takeover was going on when I found myself hooking in St Clements colours.#
    Love Linda

  2. Have you taken any to the nursing home yet ? I'd love to hear what they think of our combined efforts. I'd be thrilled with a blanket from such far flung places, perhaps you could make a card to go with the blanket so they know the different countries of the contributors.Hope you have had a good Easter, I've had my kids at home so I've been trying not to visit blogland too often !
    Louise xx

  3. Hi Sue, thanks for popping in and all your kind words. Your link to Sandy's blog actually links to mine! No problem, but I would rather like to go to Arizona for a while and meet Sandy. I think that 'Handmade in Gibraltar's' suggestion of a card is a lovely idea.

    Jak x

  4. WOW! What a generous lady. I would love to take part in one of your projects xxxx


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