Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gibraltar Louise and Bienzfive send me pretty Squares!

Such happiness today two lots of Squares have arrived from USA  and Gibraltar! Yes thank you so much
Bienzfive and Gibraltar Louise. Both sets of Squares arrived this morning and it was such a pleasure to open the packages as usual.

Bienzfive from NY, USA has donated some Squares to me before.  Last time they were darker colours, this time she has crocheted some Squares in a lovely strawberry colour and they will be come in really useful for our strawberry theme, but of course some will be ideal for our flower Challenge. They are absolutely beautiful.

I'm in love with this pink! Beautiful Squares from Bienzfive USA

Gibraltar Louise has been making Flower Squares ready for our next Challenge. Aren't these pretty? So delicate looking, and the colours are lovely. OOh, I get so excited when opening packages as you can imagine! Gorgeous Squares thank you!

Pretty Flower Squares from Gibraltar Louise arrived today! Aren't they just wonderful? So delicate!

Aren't they lovely?

If anyone is interested in making Squares for me to make into Blankets for the Elderly please pop across to SIBOL. It gives all the details on there about what is required. I'm having such a lot of fun doing this Project and I'm really happy to say that I've put the article in now to 'Inside Crochet' and they have 'approved' it, so all is well for the next issue.  It's not a 'full page' (I don't think) but it's about our on-line Crocheting and Knitting group and it was fun to do. Me little me, who would have thought it. I still have to get my head round this whole thing. Who would have thought a couple of months ago before 'SIBOL' was born that I'd be writing articles! he.he...... You gotta laugh!! Mr. Twin and myself have a regular chuckle and a little hug at the same time.

My ring......Well I'll give them to Friday and I will phone them up. It's been at the Jewellers now for three weeks. It should be ready soon hopefully. As long as they can do it, I don't mind waiting.

Bye for now, chicken for tea I have to go!


  1. Well I think it is all so wonderful. Spreading so much happiness and having beautiful blankets as an end product. What could be better
    Love Linda

  2. Sue, you received beautiful squares.
    Perfect flowers and perfect pink.
    I recognize the Dahlia....

    ~X~ Karin

  3. Once again, lovely squares. Great colors. Do you get out of the ever...



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