Sunday, 18 April 2010

Saturday post from the USA - Thank you 'The Garden Bell' - pop in and take a look!

Good Morning to you on a Sunny Sunday!

It's beautiful here again in the UK. I hope you are all having a good weekend.

Now yesterday I had a package come from 'The Garden Bell' USA. Unfortunately, the internet is only working at 2% of what it should be, so that means it's really, really slow. British Telecom have been told and apparently we have to wait 72 hours for the problem to be rectified. So annoying. Therefore, I really had trouble yesterday afternoon making a Slide Show with Garden Bells Squares in.

I've managed to do it now, but it's took an absolute mission. But here goes please enjoy Garden Bells' Squares!


Aren't they just great! I love them. They will be perfect for our 'sun' theme Blankets. The 'sun' theme runs out 21st April but if any Squares arrive a bit late please don't worry they will be used.

I do hope you have enjoyed looking at Garden Bells' Squares! Thank you so much Kate for the package!

Have a good Sunday everyone!


  1. Beautiful squares! So bright and beautifully matched. I have to send you mine, they are still in my desk drawer - shame on me!

    Glad to know you are having a good sunny Sunday for a change. It is finally raining here but not too much and that means I won't be attacked by the pollen army today. :-)

  2. Goodmorning Sue!

    Kate made beautiful squares with beautiful colours!
    Have a sunny Sunday!

    ~X~ Karin

  3. Get those seed in the ground. You will love the flowerie colors of the Zinna's. Now, there is an idea for a flower square or name.

    Happy Sunday....

  4. Dear Mrs.Twins,
    greetings there ,
    i am Rachana ,from India,
    i have been following your blog from few weeks [i am new to blogland ,still struggling with my blog].
    i love crocheting and would love to send you granny squares.
    please let me know how to go about it .
    your blog is a crochet wounderland and very inspiring.
    kind regards

  5. The squares you received from the garden bell are beautifully.
    Weather was better at the weekend than during the week. Saturday I had to work and today we helped Madeleine to move. So we could not enjoy the good weather.

  6. Hi Sue,
    I see you have been very busy in the week I have been out of contact. You are doing so well . Congratulations.
    I'm off to do a catch-up.

  7. Hello, my name is Anna, I saw your blog and very interesting, I like your work .... I write from italy and I'm using the google translator .... your link is on my blog ... a virtual hug and I wish you a good day!

  8. Hi My name is Louise and I love your work. Would love to do you some squares. Have a good day.


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