Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Brightly coloured Squares from Bonsall. Today Tuesday.

Hello Everyone!

Pleased to say we had some more gorgeous Squares come in today! I'm very pleased to say they were from  Bonsall.

I took the opportunity of having a look through Bonsalls' photostream she really does have some cute little Amigurami dolls. I'm really happy she's helping us with our project. She's hopefully going to make a few for the next projects too.

Bird Cage and bonvillespics Squares! Great fun today thank you!

Bonsall has made some 'Jedwards' too over on her photostream. Anyone watching TV in the UK will know these are twin lads with wacky hairstyles, she's made them and they even have girlfriends! Nice idea. She's got such a wonderful selection of dolls and it's a real pleasure to look at them. Amigurami is so popular.


  1. The new squares are looking lovely Sue, Can't wait to start the flower squares.
    Louise x

  2. Is it my imagination or are they getting bigger and bigger. Maybe the yarn is finer. Just wanted to let you know that I'm sitting at my desk looking at the note I was to put in the envelope that went out to you yesterday. Oh, well, I'll save it for the next batch.

    Heading out with my seeds,

  3. Hi Sue! more lovely squares - the blankets are looking so bright when you hand them over to the elderly they will all have to be issued with sunglasses!!!!! lol! I am popping over to SIBOL now to check out the flower pattern to see if I can find the time to make one Ta Ta for now! **Kim**x

  4. Sue, these squares are lovely.
    Pretty colours, so cheerful!

  5. Kate
    I think the photo was closer. The squares are the same! Thanks.
    Great squares from everyone. x

  6. Pilar (pertinitaco)13 April 2010 at 23:47

    Hi Sue! More lovely squares coming! I've checked Margaret's gallery in flikr, those little dolls are so funny!!
    Hugs Pilar


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