Saturday, 3 April 2010

Squares on Saturday from Valerie (UK) and Vers Cythere (France). Thank you!! Be Quick 100th Post Giveaway ending!

Hello on Saturday!

Just showing you two lots of Squares I had in today! Valerie from Kent in the UK very kindly sent me some Squares today. She chose a Flower pattern for her Squares. One in particular was the one that Luna posted over on 'SIBOL'.

She tells me the yellow one was from a book that Melody Griffiths wrote. I am waiting for the title at the moment. The book has some great designs in it. The Square is called 'Framed Flower'.

For the other Square she used a circle from '99 Flower Motifs' and added a granny pattern and a little Flower.

I'm sure you will agree they are both lovely Squares.

An afternoon with Valeries' Squares. Thank you Valerie!

I also had some lovely Squares from France. Vers Cythere very kindly sent me some really colourful Squares. I hope you will check her blog out. She very kindly gave 'SIBOL' a great write up!. She's also going to try and get others to join us! So thank you very much Vers Cythere for helping us with our project.

Vers Cythere sent me these lovely Squares this morning! Across the water from France.  Thank you so much!

I hope you check the Slide Show out. Remember 11.00pm tonight is the deadline for the 100th post Giveaway! Thank you for all taking part!


  1. Here I am under the wire! One hundred posts, congratulations! Each time I visit I get distracted by the beautiful things on your sidebar. I am oohing again at your early pink roses on your pink afghan. Lovely! Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Elizabeth

  2. Again and again beautiful squares!

    Sue, I wish you a very happy and colourful Easter!

    ~X~ Karin


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