Sunday, 25 April 2010

Ta - Dah ! Introducing 'SIBOL NO. 8'.

Hi Everyone!

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend! It's been a nice day here and I've managed to get 'SIBOL No.8' now and truly finished.  With thanks to  Posy Linda in Florida who very kindly donated the Squares!  I've had such fun doing this Blanket. Mind you I have fun doing all the Blankets! Who wouldn't with these gorgeous Squares!

If you go over to 'SIBOL' Karin has written a post today and she's put some gorgeous photos up of her Flower Squares.  She's made a wonderful job of them.  I expect now everyone thinks they have to get their skates on and hurry up! 

Tonight I have to write an article for 'Inside Crochet' would you believe.  They contacted me last week because they had seen our 'SIBOL' Blog.  They were very interested in our SIBOL Project and want me to send up some photos and do a write up. So I just hope I can do it okay. If I get the article in by next Friday it will be  in the next issue.  I will let you know when it's published!  Of course Rachel very kindly put an article in her Weekly news update also.  So all in all we'll getting popular!  Who would have thought it little me, SAHM, not worked,  for 24 years all of a sudden sending up an article for a Crocheting magazine. I still can't get my head round it!  Just a little idea I had in my head, and it's all thanks to the kind Ladies on the blogs that have helped me make my dream come true! I have a full time admin-job here now what with the blogs, checking enquiries about SIBOL, etc., etc.,  OOh, what fun! Not to mention the Crocheting. 

We're all having a great time making the Squares, and it's given us all something to chat about I think. I feel we have a really nice little crafting community around us!

Anyway, back to the job in hand.  Here's the Updated Slide Show with the new Blanket included 'SIBOL No.8!'  I do hope Posy Linda likes it. Thanks so much to you Posy Linda and everyone else that helps me.

Enjoy the rest of the Weekend everyone!


  1. You are really amazing Sue! You make me feel tired just reading your posts. I hope the article goes OK. It great that the project is getting some well deserved recognition. I really will try to make some squares to send you before not too much longer. Best wishes for another creative week and a successful magazine article. Ros

  2. Congrats Sue!!! While crocheters & knitters supply the squares, many hours and hours of work are put in by you with co-ordinating and joining etc etc etc.
    Need to permantently change your job description.
    I bet your family is very proud of you

    This blanket is another amazing piece of work

  3. Go Girl !!!! This is so beautiful .....Congrat. I will call it The Grape Blanket of love....! ja,ja,ja,ja,....!
    Thia is amazing !!!

  4. Lovely blanket Sue, you have done it justice with the edging and pretty butterfly motifs.
    Who wouldn’t be thrilled to have that blanket. I’m sure you’ll write a good article, you do that just about every day as it is.

  5. Well done, Sue. It is nice for a change that all squares match eachother.
    Good luck with the article!

  6. Another lovely blanket. Well done Sue. Such wonderful news that you are being publshed and very much deserved.
    Jak x

  7. Pilar (pertinitaco)26 April 2010 at 14:06

    congrats Sue! Now, this is getting bigger and bigger isn't it? You'll write a wonderful article, I'm sure of that. And this last blanket is just fantastic, well done girl!
    Hugs Pilar

  8. Anarticle in Inside crochet-- how wonderful ! You are a celeb now! I can't wait to see it !!! so excited ...
    (Sorry about all the exclamations)
    love Louise xxx

  9. Can´t wait for tha article in he Crochet Magazine ...wonderful.Congratulations !


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