Thursday, 15 April 2010

Great Game today on Flickr! Squares from France arrive!

Hi Everyone!

Well Bethel told me that we would all be taking part in a Challenge today! I didn't quite know what it was going to be! I went and did my shopping, came back home and put the lappy on. My friends have beaten me to it. They had loaded photos of 'their work space area!'. What fun this is going to be today! I put my shopping away and instantly started taking photos. Now the idea was to take a photo of the place where you do your crocheting, sit at your computer etc., Oh! I mustn't forget where you keep your stash.

Now I am slightly embarrassed at my untidy box of wool. It's up in our bedroom at the moment. I know not very 'romantic' is it? This is the only thing that gets in the way of Mr. Twins. The Squares aren't a problem, they are hidden under the sofa in the Conservatory, and neither are the Blankets but the wool stash well that's a different thing. I have to virtually climb over it to go to bed! Not ideal is it I was keeping it in Little Miss Twins bedroom, but as she's come back home it's back in our room. I'd rather have her in the bedroom and know she's there rather than have the wool in there you understand! I really need to get a second box.

Anyway, here's the wool stash

My Stash !

Here's my Work Space!

'My Work area!'. - I didnt want you to see my Crocheting! Suppose to be a surprise! (That is Bethel's stream on lappy!).  How come I haven't got a special room?

Yes I mostly sit at the Kitchen Table, because I have so much Laundry in this house, I need to keep the washer going, tumble drier going, kettle going, etc., etc., In between I need to make these Blankets! So there's a sneaky view. I didn't want you to see it, but now as you are paying a visit to my home there you are 'SIBOL' 7. 'briefly!'.

Now this morning I had another batch of Squares arrive at my home. It was from my Friend Dulcinae in France. Many thanks for your beautiful Squares they really are so lovely. They will go perfectly in my Blankets. It was very kind of you to send them to me. Your Squares are now in the Slide show so please enjoy them!

Thank you Dulcinae! Your Squares arrived today. They are so pretty!  :)


  1. Good evening! Your post made me smile. I very often sit with either my laptop, or knitting or crocheting at the kitchen table, whilst sorting washing, drying, ironing, or, more often than not, COOKING! Love Blanket 7, by the way! Ros

  2. Oh I missed this challenge. I won't complain since my 'work space' is a messy! I have my computer and yarn and everything else in my bedroom and sometimes this place looks as if it has been struck by a hurricane - I better not take a picture of it. :-)

    And yes, I agree: it's better to have Little Miss Twins in her bedroom and the skeins in the plastic box than the skeins in the bedroom and Little Miss Twins in - you know what I mean. ;-)

    By the way, nice squares! You sure have a lot of friends around the world, Sue. Lucky lady!


  3. Hi Sue, yeah its been great fun posting the workspace on Flickr and now my cat is happy with the attention!!!!! More great squares and SIBOL 7 looks fantastic - have a great evening Sue **Kim**x

  4. I wonder if Bethel realised what she was starting. This has been such fun. A very small glimpse into our Flickr friends lives. I too need glasses now for reading and crochet - darn this getting older.

    Those squares are so lovely. The new blanket looks more like your colour choices :-)


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