Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter to all my Blogger Friends! The 100th Post Giveaway Winner is?

'Happy Easter' to all my Friends on Flickr!

Happy Easter to all my Blogger Friends! I hope you have had plenty of Easter Eggs ! Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Well as promised I am going to tell you who has won my 100th Post Giveaway!
Would you like to know first of all what you have won?
Well here goes I hope you won't be too disappointed!

                                             10 x 100gm balls of Patons Smoothie DK

But we need to know who was the lucky Winner!

I used  I gave each name a number and set the 'generator'.

Off we go..........

The generator chose number?

100th Post Winner! see
 Number 7!   Who could that be I wonder?


Congratulations Molly you are my 100th Post Winner!

The prize will be in the post on Tuesday after Easter.
I hope you can find something nice to make with it!   I would like to confirm  your address though please!       
I'm off to the Jewellery Quarter on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week after Easter, because on Saturday I was putting my Daughters clothes away in her chest of drawers and some how caught my Engagement ring in her drawer. I know, pretty stupid. I am so upset about it, because the top of the ring which is attached to the shanks has completely sheared off. How on earth could that possibly have happened? I just don't know. There is a diamond with a white gold surround and the whole top piece has come off. I can't tell you upset I am. I just hope my favourite Jewellery shop can repair it for me. Mr. Twin is checking on Tuesday to see whether we are covered on Insurance, I do hope so it will be costly.

My Wedding ring is made out of hearts it was designed for me. My Eternity ring has 7 hearts and small diamonds, and My Engagement ring had hearts up the sides and then the diamond and white gold on the top. So you can see I'm pretty into hearts! Of course I have my 25th Wedding Anniversary  ring but no hearts on that one.  I've tried to take a couple of photos to show you. I'm going to do my best to get it repaired, but I'm upset.

This is the top that has sheared off.

This photo shows my Engagement ring with a hole.          Here's my Wedding Ring made out of Hearts.
                                                                                      Then I have my Eternity Ring - Hearts.
                                                                                      Then my 25th Wedding Anniversary Eternity Ring.

I hope I can get it repaired.

I do hope you will scroll down and have a look at the Squares that came in yesterday! They are lovely.

Bye for now, and Congratulations to Molly!


  1. That Molly sure is lucky! She won my giveaway too, and I've heard her say she's won several things. Congrats, Molly! Come rub some of that luck off on me.

  2. Congratulations to Molly, and for you because 100 post is a lot! :D:D
    About your beautiful ring, everything will be right, im sure :)
    And... HAPPY EASTER to you too!!! :D:D:D

  3. Congratulations to Molly what a wonderful sunny prize :)

    Happy Easter Sue to you and your family from ours here in Australia.

    I do hope your ring can be repaired - fingers crossed!!

  4. What a yummy prize you are giving! Congratulations to Molly!!

    Hope you can get your ring fixed soon, accidents like this often happen. It would be worse if you had lost it so don't worry. :-)

    Happy Easter to you and the Twins Family! Your card is lovely.


  5. Sue, what a shame about the ring - I do hope you manage to get it repaired, no wonder you are so upset. Hope you still manage to have a Happy Easter! **Kim**x

  6. I do hope you can get your ring fixed and I can understand how upset you must be. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I noticed a diamond missing from my ring as I was drying my hair after getting out of the shower, but lo and behold, a couple of days later, I saw it glinting away on my dressing table - how lucky was that? Fortunately the claws were not damaged and it only cost me £8 to have it reset. I hope you are equally as lucky.
    Jak x

  7. Firstly Happy Easter to you Sue. I've finally been able to tear around the blogs and have a read.
    I'm so sorry about your ring but I'm sure you'll be able to get it fixed. All those hearts look so pretty. At times like that don't you just want to close your eyes and just go back ONE MINUTE in time so you can undo what has just happened?

    We are enjoying the cooler weather in the northern hemisphere.

  8. Thank you so much Sue, I can't believe I won!!! This is really a great prize to be receiving. To everybody else---she tricked me into checking this out 8>)

    I'm sure your ring will be repaired, as I said before, at least you didn't lose it. Happy Easter my friend and thanks for having this giveaway.

  9. Happy Easter Sue!
    I can imagine you are upset about the ring.
    But you didn't lose anything.... I think it can be repaired.

    Molly, congratulations!

  10. Congrats on the 100th post - its been very enjoyable for me to read and follow along. Hope all goes well for the ring and you

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