Thursday, 6 November 2014

Shawls and Christmas Gifts arrive today for our Elderly Residents.

Good afternoon everyone!

Thanks for stopping by today I have some lovely items to show you. These have been sent in by Gill K. today for our Christmas Gift appeal. have been busy Gill even a little Butterfly in the centre.

Thank you Gill K.

What lovely warm items for the Residents! Absolutely superb. Gill you have made us numerous things in the past I am very grateful to you for everything. Thank you so much!


Just after lunch Robebe over on RAVELRY asked her Husband if he would drop some items off for our project as he was passing through Birmingham. I was amazed at the selection of warm items inside the two bags.  Just take a look at all of these. Everything you could possibly imagine for our Residents.[

Where do we start? Shawls I think. Absolutely beautiful thank you Robebe.

Shawls, a Sunshine Blanket and Scarves not to mention Bed Socks and Gloves! What a fabulous donation.   Let's take a closer look at the Sunshine Blanket now.

So pretty made in wonderful colour combinations this is another perfect Lap Blanket for someone.

I cannot thank you enough Robebe you are very kind thinking of our Residents. Your work is amazing! I'm sure everyone stopping by will agree with me. Thank you so much.

Liztelf over on RAVELRY has very kindly shown me a pattern on the RED HEART SITE. You may be interested in making one. It's a Walker Organizer for a Zimmer Frame. If you have spare yarn why not make one when you have time. I'm sure this would be another useful item for the Homes.

I think that's about all for today. We certainly are busy this week.

Any enquries please contact me 
I'm Sue 

x Sue x

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