Monday, 10 November 2014

Delivery of Shawls today!

Good Morning,

I would like to thank 'Staceystoke' on RAVELRY for a gorgeous Granny Shawl  and Blanket. The Blanket has been made by Jane who sent it to her earlier in the year and Staceystoke has finished if off for us. It's gorgeous and it's a lovely size for a Resident and will be very useful. The Shawl is lovely too and I love the edging. It certainly will keep the chills off someone thank you so much.





You're very kind thank you 'Staceystoke'.

I would also like to thank Sally for two Shawls too this morning. The Squares were made by Irene and once again they are so lovely. They also will be very useful to the Homes.

Thank you so much Sally for assembling these Squares for us.

Sally thank you for the Shawl. Squares from Irene thank you.


Butterflies and Ribbon too thank you so much.

Butterflies and Ribbon too from Sally. Thank you.

They've both come out really well thanks so much Sally for assembling the Squares from Irene. Thanks Irene.


I have been sorting out the Sunshine Blankets, Shawls and Christmas Gift items that I have received from you. We certainly have had a fantastic response and I have felt that I needed to deliver some of the Shawls. I'm running out of room upstairs. 

So I contacted St. Michael's Home for the Elderly in Olton over the weekend and they were very happy to receive Shawls from us. They would like to wrap them up and put them under the Christmas tree for Christmas Day.  So yesterday I took some photos of the Shawls I was taking.

St. Michael's Home for the Elderly. Delivery 21 Shawls.

Michelle at St. Michaels' Home loved the Shawls and she would like to thank everyone for their kindness. I'm sure the Residents are going to love these on Christmas Day.

I have another box full of Shawls which I will be delivering at the end of November.
Thanks to you all.

x Sue x 

Up-date lunchtime.

I would like to thank Kersey for a beautiful Crocheted  Sunshine Blanket, Shawl and some useful  Knitted items.
I am really most grateful to you.
Everything is superb, how lovely for the Homes!
You're very kind spending time on making them Kersey.


894 Thanks to Kersey.


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