Saturday, 22 November 2014

Good Afternoon  and welcome!

Well I've had two more parcels arrive this morning. I would like to thank Sally and GillyLilly over on RAVELRY.

Sally has very kindly assembled Squares from Irene  &  Co. A beautiful Sunshine Blanket and a Scarf for our Christmas Gift appeal. A great way to use those 'rectangle' shapes Sally and I love the flowers you have made for the Scarf. I love the pockets too a great idea.

Let's take a look now.

A Sunshine Blanket too!

Thanks so much for your help once again Sally. Another Blanket for our pile! :)

Next we have two Shawls made by GillyLilly over on RAVELRY.

These are so pretty!

Beautiful colours in these Shawls GillyLilly!

Someone is going to love this Shawl!

Then we have.....

 Wow! Aren't they gorgeous! They must have taken you ages GillyLilly! Thank you so much
for making and donating them to our 'SIBOL' project.

I can't wait to give out our Sunshine Blankets on the 28th with half of our Christmas Gifts. We've been so...successful this year once again. Turning  over our 900th Blanket is such an achievement. What shall we do to celebrate our 1,000th! I think some sort of celebration is in order. Anyone have any ideas? if you do! I shall also be visiting another Home to give out our Shawls and the other half of the Christmas Gifts. I thought it only fair to divide what's come in.

I think that's all for today!

Thanks so much for following our Blog.

x Sue x

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