Friday, 21 November 2014

Friday's Delivery!

Good Morning to you all!

I would like to thank 'Ginnyknit' for sending in four Sunshine Blankets today. The Squares were sent to 'Ginnyknit' from Linda of 'Chalky's World'. 'Ginnyknit' has made a superb job of putting the Squares together and I'm sure you will agree they are going to be loved by Residents in the Homes.

We have two Christmasy Blankets amongst them  which is a nice change especially for this time of year I can't wait to show you.

Decorated with the usual Ribbon and Butterflies they are going to be lovely Gifts for the Residents.
I am in need of spare Ribbons Ladies so if anyone has any on Christmas presents this year that they
can't find a use for would you consider sending to me for the 'SIBOL' project please? There are very often Ribbons on bales of Towels, Chocolates and other Gifts that we could find a use for.

Butterflies are always useful too so if you want to Crochet any please feel free to send them. I will give you the Link over to Nettie's Blog in Australia. I warn you these Butterflies are very addictive and once you have mastered one you will probably want to do more. Any colour, any size would be perfect thank  you so much.

These Blankets are superb!

Thank you so much 'Ginnyknit'.

Now 'Ginnyknit' has introduced her friend Jill to our 'SIBOL' project and this morning I have
received some beautiful Shawls from her. These three Shawls have been made so beautifully and they will be very useful indeed for Residents in a Care Home. I have actually counted the ones upstairs this morning and with these three I now have 24! It's really surprising how quickly they add up. I can assure you the Residents are loving them in the Homes and I'm grateful to you Jill and everyone else for making them.

I hope you like the photos Jill many thanks.

Absolutely gorgeous thank you Jill.

What an exciting day again today!

Thank you both for your 'SIBOL' donations and for following the 'SIBOL' Blog too!

If anyone else has items for 'SIBOL' please could you let me know by email that they are on their way. My deadline date is end of November now. We will start again in the New Year thanks so much.

My email address is

I'm Sue

 x Sue x

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