Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Angela's Blankets arrive today!

Good morning and welcome!

I would like to thank Angela this morning  for three gorgeous Granny Blankets donated to our 'SIBOL' project. They have been made in every colour and I'm sure they will be very well received.
Angela at one time used to donate her Blankets to a Care Home in London but she was told that they couldn't receive them due to Health and Safety. She found our Group in one of the Knitting magazines and now she has very kindly donated to us. I do hope this isn't 'Health and Safety' gone made again or we will be out of business!!

Let's take a look at the Blankets now thank you so much Angela. Your work is lovely.

So...colourful thank you very much Angela. I'm so pleased you found us!

x Sue x

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