Friday, 28 November 2014

A busy day here today!

Good Afternoon everyone!

Thank you for popping over 'Mrs Twins',

Today I would like to thank Jane for sending me two Sunshine Blankets which arrived this morning just in time for my delivery this afternoon. I am so grateful to you for getting them to me just in time.
I now have 42 Sunshine Blankets ready for the off. I quickly found some Ribbon to decorate the Blankets and Jane helped me out already with the Butterflies which she kindly sewed on for me. These Blankets once again are a great size I just love them.


Aren't they lovely? I love the darker centre in this Granny Blanket. Thanks so much Jane you are terribly kind supporting the 'SIBOL' project.   As I finish posting these Blankets on to the Blog I can see the Postman in my porch. I'll be back in a minute.....


I'm back and guess what four more Sunshine Blankets have just arrived from Cara! Cara your Knitted Blankets are really lovely. Very interesting Squares in each Blanket and full of exciting colours. I have quickly found some Butterflies and Ribbon for the Butterflies and have also attached a note to say who's made the Blankets. I have just taken photos too and now they are in the car ready for this afternoon's delivery to Olivet Care Home.

Let's take a look now at Cara's Sunshine Blankets! Thank you so much too Cara. Once again you have made them beautifully and I am very grateful to you.

It's very nice of you to take an interest in our project. Thank you!

Well I don't think I will be having any more Sunshine Blankets arrive today, but you never know!
I am due to leave my house around 2.00pm. Our Sunshine Blankets are packed up in the car and I'm looking forward to my visit to Olivet Care Home in Acocks Green. I'll be back shortly to tell you all about it.


My closing date for Sunshine Blankets, Shawls and Christmas Gifts is end of November.
Could you please email and let me know if yours is due to arrive at HQ many thanks!

Sue on

Thank you!

x Sue x

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