Friday, 28 November 2014

Delivery Day to Olivet, Birmingham.

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I've had such a busy day but very rewarding indeed. First of all this morning I had 6 Sunshine Blankets arrive from Jane and Cara. If you would like to scroll down the posts you will be able to
see what I received. Such beautiful Blankets and I'm extremely grateful to both of you thank you.

In  total by the end of the morning my total number of Sunshine Blankets was 46 to deliver. The home I had arranged to visit was Olivet in Birmingham.  Over the past few days I have been getting the Blankets ready and then a mad rush this morning to get the last few decorated up and ready to take.

Sunshine Blankets ready to go to Olivet Care Home 28/11/2014. Thanks everyone!



I arrived at the Home just after 2.00pm and was met by Jane. I was shown in to the Lounge where I met Staff and a few of the Residents. We had to put the boxes on the trolley to take into the Lounge there were such a lot of Blankets. The Residents had gone out for lunch and they were a little late back. Their treat was a Fish and Chip lunch how lovely.


Margaret (Left) In charge of the Knitting Group.
Jane (Right) Manager of the Home.

It was a lovely room and seats were ready for the Residents and in the centre was a table with china cups and biscuits. It really was a picture. It reminded me of when I used to visit my Grandmother we always drunk out of a flowered china cup.

The Residents soon arrived and got out their Knitting needles. I'm going to give you a Link now and you will be able to pop over to their newsletter. It will tell you all about their Charity Knitting. Here it is.

It was really lovely to be able to sit and chat with the Residents. They were all busy with their Knitting and I commented how they were Knitting without looking down at their Needles, chatting away happily not making any mistakes!  They were all so happy and content with their Knitting and Margaret who was in charge of the  Knitting Group told me about her childhood in Scotland and how she had learnt  Knitting  from a very early age. It's so nice to hear everyone's stories!

Tea and biscuits were handed around and soon after I got up and gave a little talk about our Group. I explained how our project started and all about my Grandmother.


The Ladies were really interested and guess what? They absolutely loved your Blankets!  They couldn't get over how beautiful they were. A few of the Ladies could crochet so they were interested very much in PinkLemon's 'Earth's Music' Blanket. The African Flower pattern. The Blanket was so colourful and I don't think they had seen the pattern before. I have promised to send it on to them. Also 'Cotton Candy' made and donated by Gill. But  to be honest they looked at quite a few of the Blankets and they loved them all.  I was so proud of each and everyone of you. The Blankets were all so beautiful. Laid out on the table in the centre of the room they really did look a picture and were admired by everyone. Along with the Sunshine Blankets I took in half of the Knitted Christmas Gift items. Everything was so well received by the Home. So a big thank you!




I went and sat by the Ladies and looked at their work. Each telling me what they were making either little Jumpers, Scarves  or Blankets in strips. The yarn they were using was really colourful and of course we had chats about the good old days when we had the old fashioned wool shops!

Olivet have quite a few sister Homes and the Blankets today were actually going to be given to their Homes at Mumbles and Southport. As I was saying to Jane I'm really pleased about this because  it's a way we can get our Blankets further afield.  I have promised to go back with more for their other Homes because I know in the New Year we will receive plenty more. It's really surprising how they come in.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you who have supported the 'SIBOL' project this year. It is extremely kind of you and I can assure you that our work has been very much appreciated by Olivet in Birmingham. Everyone said thank you for going in and they all said how much they loved your beautiful Blankets!

I shall be going out next week with the remaining items I have here. I think that's all for now.

Thanks for visiting today!

x Sue x


  1. What a busy day you had and you still found time to write a long post with lots of photos. Thanks for all the news which is very inspiring. I might put my name down for that Home!

    1. Yes it was a lovely home very welcoming Una. Thank you for your kind words! x

  2. Such a beautiful post Sue. Everyone's work is stunning. Well done ladies. x

  3. Hello Hazel,
    Lovely to hear from you again!
    I'm so pleased you enjoyed reading about our Delivery Day. It certainly was lovely.x


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