Saturday, 8 November 2014

Lots to show you!

Good Afternoon,

The rain continues here in the UK, I've just got soaked again! Torrential rain and very windy. Hope the weather is better for you!

I am very pleased to be showing you yet another Sunshine Blanket kindly assembled by Sally. Now the Squares were sent by Jodie who is the leader of a Girl Guide Group in France.  The young Guides make Squares for various Charities and 'SIBOL' was very lucky to receive them a few months ago. As you know I don't usually accept Squares unless they are from our 90 year old Irene, but on this occasion I had to because they were working towards a Badge and I'm very pleased to be telling you that they all received their Badges. So well done to you all!  Thank you all so much for the Squares and thanks to Sally too for assembling them. Here's the Blanket.

I'm going to show you the other three Sunshine Blankets that I have already received because I'm going to tell Jodie that they are all finished now and perhaps her young Guides would like to look at their Squares!

'Jodie's Joy' thanks to Jodie and the Girl Guides France.

'Sally's Skills' - Squares sent by Jodie and the Girl Guide Group 'France' Thank you!

'Sunny Days' sent by Jodie and the Girl Guides in France. Thank you.

What beautiful Sunshine Blankets thanks to everyone that made the Squares for our 'SIBOL' project.
You can be assured that these Blankets are going to give a lot of comfort to four Elderly people.

Thank you Sally for assembling these four Blankets for us. Sally has also assembled Squares from our 90 year old Irene. Irene sits at home unable to read due to her eye sight but she can see to Knit which is strange. She has Knitted for many years and our 'SIBOL' project is giving her a real interest.

Sally has assembled half Knitted Squares and full Squares to make these really pretty Shawls. I love everything about them. Particularly the edging which really finishes them off so well. I absolutely love them. Thank you Irene  and also to Sally. I am always very grateful to you. Thank you for helping us out again.

The little Butterflies make a nice finishing touch too. The Butterflies are rather like our 'SIBOL' trade mark. Sunshine Blankets and Shawls always leave me with Butterflies hanging.  The Butterflies are talking points in the Homes too. If you would like to have a go at making some please do it's always lovely to have a good selection to decorate our Sunshine Blankets etc.,  Here's the LINK to Netties Blog in Australia.

Thank you all today!

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