Thursday, 1 May 2014

Shawls and Blankets today!

Good Morning and Welcome!

I would like to thank Annie and the Castaways Knitting Group for two pretty Knitted 'Sunshine Blankets' received a few days ago.

674 Thanks to Annie and The Castaways Knitting Group.


I love the pastel yarn used in this Blanket. 

The next one is a little smaller than usual but I'm sure one of the Homes can use it on the back of a chair so thank you very much.

675 Thanks to Annie and The Castaways Knitting Group.


Knitted Flowers from Annie and The Castaways Knitting Group.

Knitted Flowers were also sent in thank you! 

Pretty SIBOL Butterflies decorate your Blankets. Thank you so much for the time spent on them. Very much appreciated.

This morning I have received a gorgeous Shawl from Kate and also a 'Sunshine Blanket'. 
It's a pleasure to receive them and I know they are going to be loved in the Homes. 
Let's take a look at them now.

Kate thank you for the Shawl.


Isn't this Shawl pretty? A lovely design and I love the colour of the yarn.

The Shawl is made in bamboo yarn and can be washed up to 40 degs.
It's lovely and warm.  I know someone is going to love wearing it.

Kate has very kindly sent in a Patchwork Blanket. 
This is made in very pretty colours and it's a very popular Square too.
A great way to use un-wanted yarn.

677 'Delicate and Delightful' -  Bridie thank you!

The pretty Butterfly and Star were from my Stash. The Blanket is called
'Delicate and Delightful'.


The border finishes it off so well thank you very much  for your
SIBOL donations. I shall be sure to take them out with me in a few weeks time.

Bridie has been busy too. She has made a 'Sunshine Blanket'. The Ladies
on RAVELRY have named it 'Deckchair'. It's a  really lovely warm Blanket and will be
ideal too for an Elderly person.

676 'Deckchair' - Kate thank you! It's gorgeous.



Once  again a lovely pattern.
I'm very grateful to you Bridie.

I also received a Shawl from Bridie. Our 'SIBOL' Shawls have become
very popular indeed and I'm so pleased you are enjoying making them.

Bridies' Shawl is very pretty and I've found a Butterfly to decorate it made in textured yarn.

Bridie thank youi!



I'm  sure you like both Shawls it certainly was a pleasure receiving them both today.

Thank you both very much.

May I remind you we have a Challenge over on RAVELRY.
The theme is Village Fair/Fetes.

If you would like to make a 6" Square with this theme in mind please follow this Link.

Could I remind you please when you are sending in Blankets or Shawls to enclose your email address and name this really would help.

I think that's about all for now.
Thanks for visiting today!

Thanks Bridie and Kate.

x Sue x 

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