Friday, 16 May 2014

I've finally finished Blogging for today! Pop in and see our work.

Good Afternoon and thanks for popping into 'Mrs Twins'  today!

Golly the Blankets and Shawls are certainly rolling in this week. It's always a pleasure to receive them. Often your work takes me by surprise and today I have received two very large parcels from Kersey and Linda and the North East Loving Hands Group. It's always like Christmas in my house when I open the parcels as you can imagine.

Let's start with the parcel from Kersey from Carmarthenshire.

Knitting in our Group is very popular and Kersey has Knitted us a  Shawl for the Elderly. A lovely girlie Shawl with a very pretty edging. The colours are just so perfect! Take a look now. There's a lot of sun about today so I'm sorry about the shadows. I do want to get these loaded up before the family come in for the weekend.



So nice thank you Kersey.

Kersey has also Knitted two 'Sunshine Blankets' You are clever these are simply beautiful.



As you can see this is a large Blanket which is folded over for photo purposes. I love the colours and I can tell you it will be so warm for someone.


Then we have a smaller one.

706 Kersey Thank you x


We have to think of names now for these wonderful Blankets.
With the help of the Ladies on RAVELRY it shouldn't be too difficult.
Here's the Link. 

Kersey I really appreciate your help thank you so much. You have made them so well.
I just love them. I shall take them to the Homes very soon.

Now I would like to thank Linda and the North East Group of Loving Hands. It's always so nice to involve other Knitting Groups and once again today I am really surprised at the amount of Blankets and Shawls included in the parcel.

Everything in the parcel has been made beautifully.
I would like to thank every one who has supported the SIBOL project.
I am going to do my best to tell you who's sent what but the bits of paper went flying everywhere. Let's see how we go.

Linda has made some Shawls for the Elderly.
What beautiful patterns and lovely colours!

The Luana Shawl
can be found here

Linda (RAV) Thank you for the Shawl. x


The Gentle Ripple Shawl

Linda (N. East Loving Hands) RAV Thank you for the Shawl.


The Nola Shawl 

Linda (N. East Loving Hands) Thank you. x


Shawls come in all shapes and sizes. These are beautiful thank you.

We have a Grey Shawl from Barbara now.
Another beauty! 

You Ladies from Loving Hands are kind! 

Barbara (N. East Loving Hands) Thank you for the Shawl. x


I found a pretty Grey and White Butterfly to decorate Barbara. Ladies in the Homes just love them. Thank you very much indeed it's superb. 

A Knitted Blanket from Ann which has a pretty Crocheted border. Isn't it nice when you can combine Knitting and Crocheting together? Such bright Squares I love them. Thank you!



Gorgeous thank you!

I told you it was like Christmas Day!

Next we have 'The Follow' made by Lynn and Beth.
A nice Chunky Blanket which will keep someone so lovely and warm.

708 'The Follow' made by Lynn and Beth. x Thank you.


Decorated with a Flower and Butterfly it's so striking I think.
Thank you both very much.

We have some more Shawls now. Lynn and Beth these Shawls are stunning! You've certainly taken the idea on board many thanks!

Shawl made by Loving Hands N. East Group. Linda Sent. x Thank you.

This is the famous 'Mile a Minute' pattern found on You Tube!
I love the colour combinations don't you?


You can see the pattern better on the above photo.


A beautiful Red and Black one. Wow! I love it.

Shawl made by Loving Hands N. East Group (Linda sent).


A great selection of different Squares and different Ripples make this Blanket really interesting to look at. I love the colour combinations once again. Take a look now.

709 Loving Hands N East Group. Linda sent thank you. x



I do hope I have everything Blogged now.
It's been such a lovely day taking photographs of your fantastic work.

May I thank Kersey for your donations to the 'SIBOL' project and also to Linda and the Ladies from the North East Loving Hands Group.

You are all so terribly kind.
Todays work brings us up to

709 'Sunshine Blankets' from January 2010.

Thank you all!

If you would like to join us



  1. Wow! Your camera must be red hot after taking all those photos. Everything is lovely.

  2. I really appreciate all the work that has gone into the various projects but I am a little perplexed.Why do all these people send their shawls etc to you and not give them to homes in their own areas.Am I missing something and being really silly!


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