Sunday, 18 May 2014

A visitor today arrives at SIBOL HQ!

Good Afternoon,

It's always lovely to meet one of my 'SIBOLETTE's' and today I had the pleasure of meeting 'jenn1feranne'. Travelling all the way from Scotland on route to see her family she very kindly popped in to SIBOL HQ and bought me some 'Sunshine  Blankets' and a beautiful green Shawl. We had a lovely natter over a cup of tea about Knitting and Crocheting as you would imagine and her Hubby and mine spoke about cars 'boys toys' of course. The hour or so went very quickly and as soon as she left I got started on taking some photos to show you all.

First of all she very kindly Crocheted a Green Shawl for a Resident in one of the Homes.


A larger Shawl than normal but Ladies are all different sizes so this will be perfect. I'm sure someone will love Green too!



Next we have 'Stars and Stripes' The Squares were made by Lynnes222 over in the States and 'jenn1feranne' very kindly assembled them for me. It's such a striking Blanket. A nice size and will keep someone so warm!

716 'Stars and Stripes' Squares from Lynnes222. Jennifer assembled thank you.




The next one is called 'Pressed Thistle'. 
A lovely edging on this one 'jenn1feranne'.

718 'Pressed Thistle' -Thanks to Jennifer for assembling.


Just love Purple and Green together. Superb!
Thank you.

The last Blanket was assembled by 'jenn1feranne' but the Squares were
sent over by Lynnes222 from the States. Such interestinig Squares make this Blanket
once again unique! Thank you Lynnes222 for your 'SIBOL' donations and thanks to 'jenn1feranne' for putting them together. You've both made a wonderful job.

717 'Thanks to Jennifer and Lynnes222 Squares (USA).


It was lovely to meet you  today thank you for popping in.

x Sue x 


  1. My question I aske the other day seems to have disappeared into cyberspace!!What I was asking was why do people send you blankets for you to distribute locally and not give them to homes where they live.I think I am missing something.Please put me right!Barbara

  2. Thank you for your comment. That's a really good question!
    We have on occasions done this to be honest. It's really up to the individual. As long as I have a photo to count it in to our numbers that would be absolutely fine. It would save postage to me and I will suggest this to the Group. I think maybe 'work' and having the time could be an issue.
    But this way we could reach more of the UK.
    Thanks for your comment.


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