Monday, 12 May 2014

Shawls and Sunshine Blankets delivered today!

 Good Afternoon,

A very  busy day here today.  First of all this morning I had two fantastic 'Sunshine Blankets' arrive from MarilynJG. The first one is called 'Lilac Lattice' and the second one is 'Stained Glass Blanket'. These two Blankets are really unusual. I love the colours in both of them and I love the patterns. MarilynJG they must have taken you ages to make. I'm sure they are going to be admired in the Homes and I know they will give two Elderly Residents a great deal of comfort.

Let's take a look at them now.  Here's 'Lilac Lattice' and here's the LINK. 

697 '[Lilac Lattice' -= MarilynJG Thank you!



Isn't it lovely? The colours are beautiful.

The second one is 'Stained Glass Blanket'. Here's the Link if you'd like to try it.

698 'Stainless Glass Blanket' -  MarilynJG thank you!



A fantastic combination of colours. Thank you very much MarilynJG.

As you know every couple of months I visit a Home or two. Back in February I visited Willow Grange Care Home in Olton, Solihull.  Our Blankets were accepted very well indeed by the Members of Staff and I promised to go back with another 24 so that every Resident in the Home could receive one.  A few days ago I started getting the Blankets ready and once again it surprises me how quickly they add up.



The idea of making Shawls for the Homes has gone down very well indeed and today when I visited Willow Grange I took along 13 with me.   Here's a photo of Willow Grange Care Home in Olton.

Willow Grange, Solihull, West Midlands

I arranged with Nikki to go in at 2.00pm and although she was in a meeting when I arrived the Members of Staff very kindly agreed to have a photo taken. They admired the Blankets greatly not to
mention the Shawls. They just loved them.  Looking around the Lounge at the Home I could see our
Blankets being used so I know they are very useful to them. All the Staff Members wanted me to thank you all for the Blankets they realise what a lot of work goes in to them. So a Big Thank you! They absolutely loved the idea of the Shawls so well done to everyone!

Have a lovely afternoon and thanks for visiting today!

x Sue x

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