Saturday, 24 May 2014

I thought it was about time to show Kitchen!

Hi everyone!

Well as you all know I have been having my new Kitchen installed and I thought it was about time I showed you a photo.

Before last Christmas Mr. T. and myself decided to have some designs drawn up by local Kitchen companies. The main ones being Magnet and Wrens Kitchens. After sitting for hours in their Showrooms we finally decided to go with Wrens. My Mother had recently had them and she had no problems at all. We used the same fitter that she did and I have to say he was brilliant.

It takes a long time to finally finalise the designs, we often changed our mind. But our Designer at Wrens was great. It was no trouble to change things and we even measured our Kitchen ourselves to make sure everything was right.

We had the Kitchen  booked in for 17th February and the cupboards were due to arrive the 10th. So that  same week we emptied our Kitchen and made it easy for the men to start work. The cupboards arrived the right day but there was a corner post missing and also our Tek Wall was not delivered.

Not boxes of Blankets! But new Kitchen cupboards! :)

We were quite puzzled as Wrens hadn't contacted us saying there was a problem with delivery of the Tek Wall. If they had we would have delayed the installation date. Anyway our fitter started on the 17th and over the next few days our Kitchen was installed 'apart from the Tek Wall'. Slightly annoying we had to keep chasing Wrens to see where our parts were. After several weeks we got in touch with their M.D. I'm sure we would be still waiting now if we hadn't  because within a few days it had arrived. Tek Wall if you didn't know saves you from tiling. It is basically sheets of mdf I think...... with the same coating as the work tops. There were a couple of doors that had to be changed too which we had to chase up.

The months of February, March and April have been so stressful mainly because of the delay with Wrens. We tried to plan things but of course it didn't work out the way we wanted. I am so pleased with my Kitchen now it is finally finished but the question is....'Would I have Wrens again? I'm not really sure. My fitter says it's a 'Kitchen thing' and that you find it happens with a lot of suppliers. You often get things missing with Kitchens. But we have felt that we have been let down badly by them. Replacement doors arrived which were still faulty and the hassle of phoning up and re-ordering was a nightmare. I have since read on the Wrens Reviews other people sharing the same problems. I often wonder how the Company survives to be honest.

But today I am very pleased to be telling you that my Kitchen is now finished and I want to share a photo with you.

Kitchen finished!

Not sure whether I have fixed the curtains right. I had a quote from John Lewis for a curtain scarf on a pole and they quoted me over £400.00. Ridiculous! The material was only £5.50 a metre and I only needed around 4. The pole was less than £30.00 too it was a Stainless Steel pole measuring 19mm.  So we thought we would have a go ourselves. First time we've fixed curtains on a pole we usually have the old fashioned hooks. Much nicer than hooks I think. It's a cream crushed voile from John Lewis.

Can you spot my lovely mugs on the Window sill? baw1812 very kindly gave me them as a gift. Our initials 'C and S'. I am in to initials at the moment. Can you spot the  Gold Letters above the units?  They are from Posh Graffiti here's the Link. They are old English Wooden Gold Letters and they measure 23cms high. The L and H would stand up on their own which was my original intention but as the other two letters don't I decided to stick them up with sticky fixers. Emily and Lucy were very helpful who run the Company.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the post. I'm only showing you because so many Ladies have taken an interest in my Kitchen and I have promised a photo.

Thanks everyone for having patience with me during these months. I now you were all working so hard still for 'SIBOL' while I was busy with the house.

x Sue x


  1. Thank you for showing your kitchen,Sue.
    It is lovely. You must be happy that you are finished now. Enjoy!

  2. Your kitchen is absolutely lovely!!! I know it was a hassle during but the after is beautiful! I am in love with that kitchen window. Everything is just perfect!!

  3. What a lot of hassle they put you through. You expect to be spared that when you hire a kitchen company. I think you made a good decision not ordering from John Lewis. A friend of mine ordered made-to-measure curtains from them and they cost hundreds of pounds. They were one inch too short which mattered a lot on her window. She phoned John Lewis and they said they thought one inch difference was acceptable!!

  4. Thank you Susanna lovely to hear from you.

    April - long time no speak! Thank you so much!

    Una - Yes I agree with you they aren't as good as everyone thinks!

    Thanks to everyone! x


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