Saturday, 17 May 2014

Busy Saturday!

Good Afternoon and what a lovely day again!

I'm very pleased to be showing you some new 'Sunshine Blankets' and Shawls arriving from Ladies in the 'SIBOL' Group. Every one is a joy to receive once again.

First of all we have 'Purple Passion' from joyce28. A great Blanket in lovely colours and once again a very nice Square used.
710 'Purple Passion' made by Joyce28. Thank you! x


The next one is called 'Summer Bouquet'.
Squares were made by Lynnes222 (USA) and joyce28 has very kindly assembled them for me.
Decorated with Ribbon and a Butterfly this is going to be a pretty Blanket for someone.

711 'Summer Bouquet' assembled by Joyce28. Squares from Lynnes222. Thank you both.


Our Shawls have become very popular and joyce28 has made a Capelet for someone.
I'm sure you will love it.

Capelet made by Joyce28. Thank you it's lovely. x


Your Knitting is lovely joyce28 thank you so much for your 'SIBOL' donations.
I will be sure to take everything out to a Home very soon.

The next 'Sunshine Blanket' is from Maria-Jesus.
This one is called 'Stormy Weather'.
Maria-Jesus tells me that she couldn't get this song out of her head while making it.
I love the colours and the cute Butterflies.

712 'Stormy Weather' made by Maria-Jesus thanks so much.


I love the colour combinatons and the edging finishes it off so well!

The next one is a 'take a bag' Blanket assembled by Maria-Jesus for me.
It's called 'Copper Cauldron'.
Another great name thanks so much for putting it together for me.

713 'Copper Cauldron' assembled by Maria-Jesus. Thank you x


It's come out really well. 

Next we have a lovely Shawl from Purlygalore.
It's so pretty with the flowers as decoration. What a great idea.
Lovely and warm too. I'm sure someone is going to love it.


P{urlygalore thank you for the Shawl. x

Purlygalore very kindly assembled a 'take a bag' for me.
This one is called 'Alpine Meadow'.
Squares were made by Lynnes222
and it's so interesting.

714 'Alpine Meadow' thanks to PurlyGalore for assembling 'Alpine Meadow. It's lovely. Lynnes222 for Squares thank you.


Thank you very much Purlygalore. I love everything.

Thanks to you all for sending the parcel. I'm very grateful to you all.

x Sue x 

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