Monday, 19 May 2014

Would you like to make a Shawl?

Good afternoon and Welcome!

I actually walked out of Grove Care Home in Solihull with tears in my eyes and feeling really quite emotional this afternoon after handing over 10 of our beautiful Shawls. I telephoned earlier asking if they would like any and of course they were only too pleased to accept them. I visited Grove Care Home back in September and October last year delivering around 30 'Sunshine Blankets' and I was told today that every one has been used.

Delivery Day again! 18th September 2013. The Grove Care Home, Solihull.

We started making Shawls in January of this year after it was  suggested by 'silver surfer'. What a great idea!
Shawls have been flying in to my home and often take me by surprise!

Each one like our beautiful 'Sunshine Blankets' are so different and each one has your own personality stamped on them.

De;overy Day of Shawls today! Thanks everyone. To Grove Care Home, Solihull 10 in total Thank you.

One of the Residents in Grove Care Home kindly agreed to having her photograph taken for our web site and as you can see she absolutely loved the Purple 'mile a minute' Shawl sent to me recently by the Loving Hands Group.   It's so nice to be able to show you Residents holding our Blankets or wearing one of our Shawls and not only is it showing you where I deliver to but also how useful they are. It really was quite overwhelming.


Delivery Day of Shawls today. I visited Grove Care Home in Solihull with 10 of our beautiful Shawls. Everyone was so grateful thank you all.

Lyndon and her Staff Member were extremely grateful for the Shawls they really were so happy to accept them. Lyndon told her Resident  about about Group and how kind you all are. I don't think the Lady could believe the Shawl was for her. They really would like me to pass on their thanks to you all. Thank you!

I have promised to go back with some more Shawls as soon as we have some and I know for certain that they will be very useful to them and I know that your hard work has been appreciated.

If you are interested in making Shawls why not contact me
I'm Sue on

Many thanks to you all

x Sue x


  1. Lovely photos! A shawl is definitely on my to-do list.

  2. Wonderful shawls! What a great mission.


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