Saturday, 10 May 2014

Must show you!

Good Afternoon and welcome!

I've had a large parcel arrive this morning from Pat and I'm very grateful for everything that she has sent to the SIBOL Project.  She certainly has been very busy indeed making Shawls and Blankets of her own and also very kindly assembling some Crocheted Squares from Lynnes222 (USA) which arrived some time ago.  These have arrived in time for my visits to the Homes and I know there is going to be some really happy Residents. So let's take a look now at what was in the parcel.

First we had some Knitted Shawls that Pat has made herself.

Pat thank  you! The Shawl is very pretty. x


Pat thank you for the Shawl.


Also a very pretty Crocheted Shawl. These Granny Squares are so 
interesting to look at and I know it will keep someone very warm indeed.

Pat's Crocheted Shawl thank you.


Pretty Granny Square Blankets were enclosed in the parcel. A good size, beautiful colour combinations and they are so warm!





Superb! Thank you!

Not only has Pat made her own Blankets and Shawls she has helped me assemble some Squares from the States. I would like to thank Lynnes222 for sending them some time ago.

A Shawl assembled by Pat. Squares from Lynnes222 (USA) Thanks to both.


What a pretty Shawl for someone!

Next some Blankets.

694 Pat Assembled. Squares from Lynnes222. Thank you!


695 Thanks to Pat for assembling. Squares from Lynnes222 (USA) Thank you both.


696 Pat thanks  for assembling. Lynnes222 Thanks for the Squares.


Pat you've made ever such a lovely job of putting  these Squares together thank you.
Lynnes222 the Squares you have made are just so interesting. What a great selection of patterns and the Blankets are so colourful. I'm very grateful to both of you thank you.

What an interesting delivery today!

Thank you! 

x Sue x 

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  1. What a productive person! That lot would probably take me a couple of years at least.


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