Monday, 28 April 2014

The Original Half Granny Square Shawl arrives at HQ!

Good afternoon,

It's such a pleasure to be able to show you some new Sunshine Blankets and Shawls that have arrived over the last few days. All such wonderful colours and designs. You are a talented lot!

First of all let's take a look at Ginnyknits colourful Granny Square Blanket. Isn't it lovely? There's nothing like a Granny!

669 Ginnyknit thank you!


I'm sorry I still can't take very good photos we're still doing work here.
Thank you Ginnyknit a very colourful Sunshine Blanket perfect for the Elderly.

Next we have a Sunshine Blanket called Pretty Polly'. It  has been made by 'uomalley' over on Great Balls of Wool. PLEASE pop over to her Blog on the Link she will tell you all about the Blanket. It's so interesting. Made in such a wonderful selection of bright colours each Square has been knitted beautifully in different patterns. Such a joy to receive  thank you so much.

Thank you for the Ribbon also which finishes it off so well with the Butterfly and Rose from our Stash. Here it is....

670 Pretty Polly' -  'Una' thank yoiu!


These Squares are so pretty aren't they? An Elderly person is just going to love it thank you so much!

We do have a great selection of work today.

Next we have two Shawls made by MarilynJG. Our Shawl project has become very popular indeed and if you would like to join in please follow the Link to RAVELRY.  It's the Original Half Granny Square Shawl. They are such a joy to make and a change from Blankets too.

The two Shawls MarilynJG has sent in are so lovely. Pretty colours and the Squares make them so interesting. Why not have a go?

Here they are....

MarilynJG thank you for the pretty Shawl! Gorgeous.

Change of scenery today. This is the sofa in my Lounge :) I can't take you in the Conservatory just yet 'still in a mess'. The whole of downstairs is actually. We have got slightly carried away with our decorating.


There's more from MarilynJG.



Stunning aren't they? Thank you so much MarilynJG. Once again they are going to be loved.

Sally has been busy too. She has assembled Squares from Irene our 90 year old SIBOLETTE.  Just take a look at these ones.





The joining is perfect and the selection of Squares go together so well. Thank you very much Sally.

I actually received a surprise in the parcel Sally had put together a Patchwork Granny Square Blanket too.  A lovely deep border finishes it off so well. Love the colours of the Squares Sally. 

673 Sally thank you !


You have done well thank you so much for your help!

We have a Challenge over on SIBOL RAVELRY GROUP if you would
like to pop over. Kate has offered to host a 'BLANKET CHALLENGE'.
The theme is Village Fete/Fair idea. 

Why not offer to make a 6" Square.
All you have to do is to leave your name on the thread and Kate will mail you.
As the warm weather is approaching 'we hope' this will get us in the mood I am sure.

Well I'm off to attach the Butterflies to the Blankets now ready for the Homes.
I shall be delivering our supply very soon as once again they are adding up.
We have now made 673 Sunshine Blankets for the Elderly.

Thanks to everyone today for their wonderful Blankets and Shawls.
Thanks to you for visiting!

x Sue x 

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