Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Gorgeous Blankets for the Elderly.

Good Evening and Welcome!

I have had a bumper delivery of 'Sunshine Blankets' arrive today from  'staceystoke' on RAVELRY       here in the UK. What a kind Lady to donate so many Blankets to our SIBOL project. We have a Blanket full of Squares and some gorgeous Ripples too! We are spoilt for choice today!

First of all lets take a look at the Granny Ripple which is made in green, white and beige.  'staceystoke' started making this one as the Spring Flowers were coming out. It reminded her of the Austrian hills where in the winter they are a skiing resort but in the summer most of the snow melts and they are great for hill walkers. This is a really fresh looking Blanket 'staceystoke' and I'm sure this was very relaxing to make. I have made Ripples myself but not a Granny Ripple, I must make one!



If you want to try making one I'm sure there are plenty of video's on You Tube to look at. Thank you it's super!

Next we have a Blue Ripple. As 'staceystoke' was working on this one it reminded her of a beachside cottage. She loved the soothing Ripples. So do I! Gorgeous colour combinations.



So lovely!

Then we have another Ripple one with reds and greens really made 'staceystoke' think of Autumn or a rustic sort of farmhouse.

Let's take a look now.



Then we have a Blanket made of Squares. 'stacey stoke has used left overs and scraps that she had lying about. This one doesn't really remind her of anything visual but it really is snuggly.

Perhaps you can think of names for these Blankets and pop over to RAVELRY on the Link given now.



'staceystoke' also sent some Ribbons which will be very useful, many thanks!

'staceystoke' hasn't been crocheting very long but I'm sure you will agree her work is beautiful. The Ripples have come out a treat and it's lovely also to be able to use some of that un-wanted yarn we all have in our stash.

I do hope you enjoyed making them as much as I have enjoyed receiving them.
I'm sure your Blankets are going to give four Elderly people a lot of comfort and I hope also
your Blankets have inspired others to have a go at making a  Ripple.

Bye for now!

x Sue x 


  1. Lovely blankets and a "granny ripple" is new to me, so I must find a tutorial.

  2. They are all so beautiful. What a lovely idea, they will bring warmth and love into an elderly person's world x

  3. Love the ripple blankets. Hope all is well with you Sue, and that your building work is all done.


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