Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Why not make a Shawl?

Good afternoon!

Thanks very much to Una today for sending in this wonderful Shawl. A nice change from our triangular shape ones this too would be ideal for someone who needs a little warmth around their shoulders. What I like most is the added pocket - how handy to put tissues in etc., Someone is just
going to love it.

For your information the pretty Shawl measures roughly 68" x 18"  (73cms x 46cms)
I made something similar years ago. I know how warm they can be. The Shawl is made in cream, red and green and has a shell pattern on the sides. Pocket Granny Square 8".

If you would like to pop over to Una's Blog here's the LINK. 


Isn't it lovely?

Do you know I have been sitting here thinking how excited I get when I receive your parcels.
Every parcel is just so special to open and I can't believe we have  now made over 800 'Sunshine
Blankets'. I have just checked on Flickr and we have now made 813! So well done everyone. I
know how much time goes in to making a 'Sunshine Blanket' or 'Shawl' and I just want you to know that I really, really appreciate everyone's help especially today to Una.

I am also accepting Blankets too all details are on HERE.

If you would like to put a little note in with your Blanket or Shawl for the person who receives your work I'd be most happy to attach it. I think it gives a nice personal touch and I'm sure someone would like to know a little about you. This in itself would brighten their day.

So in closing thank you very much indeed Una. I love your Shawl very much.

Thanks to everyone for popping in  from UK Hand Knitting Association and other web sites, we are certainly getting more  enquiries.

If there is anything you would like to ask me. I am always here on email.

  I'm Sue

              on sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

and if you would like to see our work follow the link.


                                    Bye for now

                                               x Sue x

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