Friday, 15 August 2014

What's new today?

Good evening and welcome!

I am very pleased to be welcoming new readers to our Blog.

Thank you very much to Anne, Jenny and Val today for sending me Blankets they are all superb. I will be showing you Jenny's Blanket over the next few days. She is only 16 and over the last two years she has been making a Blanket for 'SIBOL'. How terribly kind of her. Anne is her Mother and she has been mailing me about her Daughter's work. I want to write a special post showing Jenny's Blanket so please pop in again over the next few days. I can't wait to show you her beautiful Blanket. Val has very kindly sent me in two Blankets today and it's my pleasure now to be showing you. Both Knitted they certainly will be very useful to two lucky Residents!

816 'Val' thank you.



815 Val thank you !



These Blankets are just so lovely!
Beautifully Knitted and a lovely change.
I really love the colours in both of them.

Thank you so much Val for taking an interest in our 'SIBOL' Project.

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So whether you Knit or Crochet have these Blankets inspired you to pick up your Knitting Needles?
I do hope so.


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I'm Sue 

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