Saturday, 23 August 2014

Saturday's delivery.

Good Afternoon,

A busy Saturday here today. I've had two gorgeous Sunshine Blankets arrive from GillyLilly and also Paula.

They are both so lovely and very different designs from what we normally receive.
Let's take a look at them.

GillyLilly has used one of my favourite Squares 'the African Flower Square'. It certainly is a stunning Blanket made in these colours. The Flowers really stand out. What a joy to receive this one today. It's a perfect size too and ideal for someone's lap.

821 GillyLilly thank you.



Thanks so much GillyLilly.

The next Sunshine Blanket has arrived from Paula953 over on RAVERLY.
Once again this Blanket is so pretty. 
Made in every colour you can imagine it is so bright and cheerful.

A Knitted Blanket this time and a beautiful Butterfly on a cute pocket.




A Resident in one of the Homes is going to love this one too.
Thanks so much Paula953. Beautifully Knitted.

To make our 'SIBOL' project a little more interesting. I have invited 
Ladies on RAVELRY to make Christmas Gifts for the Elderly.

So if you would like to make a Sunshine Blanket or anything that would keep them warm this winter such as Bed Socks, Wrist Warmers, Fingerless Gloves, Warm Knitted or Crocheted Hats, Shawls, Bed Jackets etc.,
Not Cardigans or Jumpers though.  I'd love you to join in. Please do tell your Knitting Groups about our new idea too.

I have started a new thread on RAVELRY so please pop over.

Here's the LINK

I think that's it for today, thanks to Paula953 and GillyLilly two great
Blankets for the Elderly.

If there is anything at all you would like to ask me please feel free to mail me
I'm Sue on

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