Thursday, 21 August 2014

A Gents Blanket today arrives at HQ!

Good afternoon and welcome.

I do hope you will scroll down and read previous posts there has been a lot going on over the last few weeks. Today I would like to show you a lovely Granny Blanket  arriving from Laura here in the UK. Made in darker colours I think this Blanket will be perfect for a Gent in a Home. It's a good size too. It will keep the chills off someone I am sure.

Let's take a look at it now.

Your Crocheting is lovely thank you Laura x

This morning I went and visited our 90 year old 'SIBOLETTE' Irene. We had a lovely chat once again and she always tells me how she enjoys Knitting. You know I don't collect Squares from anyone else these days because we have such a lot of Blankets come in but I do still collect from
Irene.  She does have her family visit and carers but she gets so bored and Knitting really passes
time away for her. She tells me she finds it difficult to read but she can see to Knit. She's made some beautiful Squares in all sorts of colours and there are some Knitted triangles too for Shawls bless her. So thank  you Irene. I always pass them on to Sally who assembles them into beautiful Blankets for us.

Pat her friend also made some pretty Lilac ones. Thank you Pat.

It was my birthday recently and my 'once penfriend' now 'SIBOLETTE' stricksusi who lives in Austria very kindly sent me a Crocheted Hook Case. I have to show you. Pretty Ribbon ties it up and on the front are two Crocheted Flowers. It's so pretty.

I opened it up and there were a lovely set of coloured Crochet Hooks I can't wait to use them.
You have made it so well stricksusi and I will enjoy using it very much indeed. Thank you for the card too.

stricksusi also sent me some Ribbon for our Blankets how kind thank you!

Things are starting to change within the 'SIBOL' Group we are 'expanding'  into making new items for the Elderly. Please scroll down on the previous post to see what's new.

I think that's it for today. 

Thanks for visiting.

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x Sue x 

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