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An exciting day today! We're in Knit Today and plenty of beautiful work to show you!

Good evening!

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If you are visiting 'SIBOL' today through 'Knit Today' welcome! 

I'm very pleased to be telling you that we have an article published in issue 103 October 2014. This article describes our work so well and there are some gorgeous photographs of our Sunshine Blankets and Shawls. I can even spot my little piggie ornament on the window sill 'see if you can see it!' :)


We have now made in total 822 'Sunshine Blankets' since January 2010 and  the Homes are always very grateful for our help. 

If you would like to read the article in full please click on the photo and it will take you to Flickr where you can enlarge the text. When the photo comes up go the right where there is an arrow and a line underneath click on it and then click on 'original' size. (It's not that good though sorry).

Details about our work are over on SIBOL CHALLENGES.

I do have to up-date the Blog over there - we are now making 'Christmas Gifts' for the Elderly. This is the first time I've invited Ladies to make smaller items for them especially for Christmas such as Bed Socks, Warm Hats, Fingerless Gloves, Bed Jackets and useful items like that. So if you would like to make something smaller please do. Of course we are still accepting Knitted and Crocheted Blankets and Shawls to keep them warm  too.  If there is anything you would like to suggest please email me Sue on I'd love to read your ideas.

Paula953 has taken this Challenge on and this morning I have received some beautiful Knitted Fingerless Gloves. Just take a look at these.

Aren't they superb! My idea is to collect items for the Elderly and then just before Christmas to take them in as Christmas Gifts from us all. Please join in! I'd love to receive your donations.

Paula953 has a Blog  'The Nutty Knitter' why not pop over and say hello here's the LINK. Thanks so much Paula x

I also received a large parcel today from baw1812. I'm so grateful for everything that was inside. Before we look at what she has sent she'd like to tell us some latest news about '' that she read on Martin Lewis's web site. 

1st time users of can get one free delivery (up to £10) up to the end of September. You need to enter the code OFFERFREE. So if anyone else has anything to send to Sibol HQ (or anywhere else!) in the next few weeks and haven’t already used Parcel2go make sure you remember this offer!

I'm very grateful to you for telling us Bev. Thank you.
Now let's look at what she's made for the Elderly Residents.

The first Shawl has a name it's called 'Banana Split'. Here's the LINK.

I think this is a wonderful name for such a gorgeous Shawl.  I love the edging too.

Then we have 'Spring Fling!' Here's the LINK if you want to check out the pattern. Shawls are a great way to use up your un-wanted yarn and they are certainly very useful to throw over the shoulders to keep those chills away.

These colours are perfect!

Now 'The Amita Shawl' and here's the Link for the details. Love the contrasting colours in this one.  I found a perfect Butterfly in my Butterfly Stash too. This Shawl has been made up in chunky yarn and although it's holey I thought it was very warm. Ideal for someone Elderly.

baw1812 chooses great names for her Shawls this one is 'Splash Shawl' here's the LINK. This is so different I love the colour combinations used. A great Butterfly decorates it too thanks very much for making it.

Next we have a Sunshine Blanket to show you. Squares were sent in and baw1812 very kindly assembled for us. You've made a fantastic job of putting them together in this Blanket. I love the purple joining yarn which you have used for the edging too. Thanks so much for your help. We have called this one 'Patience'. All of our Sunshine Blankets have names and this is perfect.

Thanks to everyone for sending in the Squares for this Blanket too.

Butterflies were also enclosed with the Blanket and Shawls  and we are always in need of them to decorate our Sunshine Blankets so if you would like to try Crocheting some please do here's the LINK to Netties Blog in Australia.

What an exciting day today! First of all I find out that we have an article in 'Knit Today', then I receive beautiful Fingerless Gloves from Paula953 and then a parcel arrives from baw1812 containing a Sunshine Blanket, Shawls and pretty Butterflies. It's been a very busy day here at SIBOL HQ but I've thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to the 'SIBOL' project in the past. Also to Paula953 and baw1812 for their wonderful donations today and to you too for visiting our 'SIBOL' Blog. I'm very grateful to everyone.

If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me.
I'm Sue on

We also have a Group on RAVELRY. Everyone is welcome to join us.
Here's the LINK.

Bye for now

x Sue x 

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