Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Shawl for the Elderly and what else do we need?

Good Morning,

Shawls are always welcomed for our 'SIBOL' project and today I have received a pretty lilac one from GillyLilly over on RAVELRY. This is something I started at the beginning of the year and the idea has really taken off. I have a box full of 20 Shawls upstairs and as soon as I can find some spare time I shall be approaching the Home I have in mind. I have already delivered them  10 and promised to go back with 20 more. Time is a problem for me at the moment with my Daughter not yet 100% with her ankle. She's only working mornings and it means I am having to be 'taxi-mom' once again. Hopefully I will go tomorrow but to be honest it may be next week it all depends whether I can sort them out ready too. I am off to see our 90 year old Irene tomorrow I was hoping to call on the way back we will see. Anyway GillyLilly I shall definitely put yours in with the others.

While I am talking 'Shawls' I thought it would be nice to try and get as many made as I can to take in for Christmas Gifts. So.....if anyone would like to make one please 'keep them comin!'  I'm also thinking of inviting you to make Bed Socks too. Our 90 year old Irene was questioned yesterday 'What else do you think we could make Irene?' She suggested Bed Socks. She said her feet get particularly cold.  We also had a suggestion the other day on RAVELRY for 'fingerless gloves'. So I'm throwing the idea out to you in the hope you may be interested. This is something once again that is new and I'm not sure how the idea will go down with you all. 

So what do we need for our 'SIBOL' Project?


Sunshine Blankets 
Bed Socks
Fingerless Gloves.

If you have spare yarn that you feel you would like to use please feel free to join  us.

Can you think  of anything else the Elderly would like? Let's get our thinking caps on!

I also thought of Blankets within cushions. Wouldn't it be nice to make a cushion maybe out of Squares or one piece with a Blanket enclosed inside. Then it would be useful to use as a Cushion or a Blanket.  

Anyway back to Shawls. Let's take a look now at this wonderful Shawl from GillyLilly. I am very grateful to you,  it's gorgeous!

GillyLilly on RAVELRY thank you.



I told you  it was lovely!
Thank you GillyLilly.

Before closing today. May I remind you to scroll down and have a look at Jenny's Sunshine Blanket  called 'Peppermint Cream.' A great name for this Blanket. Also a visit the two Maria's made with joyce28 to a Home in East Grinstead on my behalf.

There is always a lot to see on the SIBOL Blog and if I don't keep
the Blog up todate I will get behind.

Have a good day everyone!
Thanks for popping in and if there is anything you would like to ask me  please feel free to contact me  on

I'm Sue x

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