Saturday, 9 August 2014

Saturday's post!

Good Morning to you all!

We've had post this morning from 'jenn1feranne' and 'Gill'.
Thank you both very much.

Gill has sent a lovely Granny Blanket made in such pretty yarn. Gill tells me this is the first Crochet Blanket that she has made in 50 years of absence from Crochet and the Butterflies on the Blanket are her first attempt on anything else other than a Blanket.  Well I must say you have mastered the Butterflies beautifully Gill and the Blanket is brilliant. It's a good size and I know it will give a lot of comfort to an Elderly person. I'm sure your Mother would be really pleased to know that you have picked up your hook again as she taught you Crochet stitches many years ago! So thank you very much indeed.

I will be taking the Blanket to a Home very soon. 

Let's take a look now at Gill's Blanket.

813 Thanks to Gill King.

The Blue and Red Butterfies are Gill's.  I love the variegated yarn in this Blanket. It's amazing
how well they have come together!


Many thanks Gill.

Next we have another Shawl from 'jenn1feranne'.
Beautiful shades of Green in this one.


Your hook has been smoking 'jenn1feranne',
thank you so much for donating this Shawl to the Elderly along with the 
others on recent posts.

If anyone is interested in making a Blanket or a Shawl you
are most welcome.

Details are on SIBOL CHALLENGES.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact me
I'm Sue

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