Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The second Butterfly Blanket is finished!

Good evening everyone!

I am very pleased to be telling you that another of our Challenges has ended. This time I have 'Amazing Butterflies' to show you. This is the second of the Blankets for the Butterfly Challenge. Once again thanks to everyone for sending in the Squares. A special thank you to PurlyGalore for helping me out on the last 5 'the striped ones'. They have all been so pretty. Thanks very much.

I am off to Alexandra House tomorrow to deliver 28 'Sunshine Blankets'. I had a phone call last night asking if we could help them. So I'm pleased the Butterfly Blanket has been finished in time. Any remaining Blankets on their way to me will be given out next time. Thank you!





I'm very grateful to the Marie Curie Offices for mailing me to tell me that the Daffodil Blankets are arriving. 

I'm very pleased that you will be able to display them in your offices and use them as a fund-raising tool.

We had such fun making them as a Group.

Thank you!

x Sue x 

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