Thursday, 18 July 2013

A parcel from France today!

Good Afternoon,

Well it's here in the UK today and I am just about managing to cope with this heat. Moving from room to room to keep cool I am sure everyone is the same.  My conservatory is the best place in the morning but in the afternoon boy is it hot! I am trying to do a little crocheting for myself but I can't even cope with that. It is far too hot to do anything.

I did have some good news today, I'm very pleased to be telling you that I have managed to sell the 10th Daffodil Blanket. If you remember we sent 9 off to the Hospices and the 10th was for auction.
But I have managed to sell it by private sale so I am so pleased. It sold for £100.00 and this will go off to Marie Curie. Thank you to the Lady concerned.

I would like to thank Katou today for the Challenge Squares received. They have arrived a little late as you know but they will go in to future Blankets. Here they are.



They are so pretty  and I'm also very grateful for the SIBOL Butterfly and donation of yarn.


Inside the parcel was a very thoughtful gift for me!

Katou had very kindly crocheted me some slippers and they are so comfy!


You are sweet Katou, thank you very much.

x Sue x

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